2016 of the top 100 private enterprises in Hubei results: 22 private enterprises among the ten billion club yesterday, sponsored by the Hubei Provincial Federation of industry, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, provincial Commission by letter in support of the 2016 Hubei top 100 private enterprises in the Han fangbang. 22 private enterprises among the ten billion club, which is also the past six years, the top 100 private enterprises in Hubei transcripts of the richest one. The traditional entity leading private enterprises in Wuhan on the list of 45 top 100 list, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group to 49 billion 589 million yuan in revenue to continue at the top of the list, Daohuaxiang group and zall holding followed, revenues were 43 billion 552 million yuan, 30 billion 895 million yuan,. It is worth mentioning that there are 18 private enterprises in Hubei for 2016 Chinese private enterprises 500 list, the number of finalists in the top, chengli special automobile, ten new construction group companies for the first time among the top 500 private enterprises China. During 12th Five-Year, the province’s top 1 billion 680 million private enterprises finalists were $1 billion 200 million, $1 billion 551 million, $1 billion 580 million and $1 billion 652 million. From the private enterprises of our province hundred finalists industry proportion, ranked in the top 3 in the architectural industry, chemical industry, food manufacturing and processing of agricultural and sideline products accounted for 60% of the seats; the construction industry has selected 22 enterprises, chemical industry has 15 enterprises selected, food manufacturing agricultural and sideline products processing industry has selected 13 enterprises, the traditional entity, reflects the emerging industry in our province enterprises is still very low, lack of tension. 2015, Wuhan is not only in the number of top 100 enterprises to maintain an absolute advantage, occupy 45 seats, but also in the total revenue of the province’s monopoly of the top 100 enterprises in the share of the 53.61%, to continue a dominance. Rising investment in emerging industries warming biological industry in the province’s top 100 private enterprises has initially formed a multi-level equity ownership, market-oriented, multi-level capital structure. As of the end of 2015, the private enterprises of our province hundred holdings of 12 listed companies, shares of 7 listed companies; the annual new listed companies (including overseas listing) 9, showing a more open structure of property rights. Accelerate the pace of integration with the state-owned capital, has been holding shares or holding 10 state-owned enterprises; state-owned capital into equity enterprises (home), 8. From the overall process, the province’s private enterprises to invest in new industries in the exploration and growth stage. As of the end of 2015, the cumulative investment in emerging industry projects 28. Among them, the biological industry is the highest degree of aggregation areas; followed by energy saving and environmental protection sectors, including new materials, new energy, etc., third high-end equipment and a new generation of information technology industry. "Going out" form is relatively single approved the FTA will bring dividends in 2015, mainly in the form of "top 100 private enterprises in our province is still going out of the foreign labor cooperation of general industrial products export, and overseas mergers and acquisitions. In addition, the project contract and the new enterprise or project investment. As can be seen, the province’s top 100 private enterprises "going out" approach is extensive, low technical content, and even相关的主题文章: