UnCategorized Project management means managing a project; that is something nearly everyone knows. But no two projects are same even if they are for the same organization. That is why a .petent project manager treats each project as a new challenge and chalks out a plan specifically for it. However, most projects can be divided into four major categories based on how the project manager is going to handle them. For your benefit, here is a short description of each of them. 1.The first type which can be .pared to "painting by numbers" is the most straightforward of all types of projects. The project manager, the stakeholders undertaking the project and team who will follow it all know what they are supposed to do and when. This type of project generally involves doing something which the project manager has done numerous times before, so he knows what to do. But still unforeseen circumstances may create problems which he or she has to handle. If nothing goes wrong, the project is .pleted smoothly and by deadline. 2.The second type is like a quest. The team, stakeholders and the project manager know what they have to do, but are not very clear on how to reach their objectives. In most cases, such projects involve two or more parts which have to be done individually before the final end is achieved. The project manager in charge of such a project needs to be very skillful in handling multiple teams at the same time and be an excellent negotiator and go-getter for seeing the success of the project. 3.The third type is just the opposite; in it the players know how they are going to do it, but are not sure about whether the end result is what they want. The project manger in charge of such a project must be able to see the broader picture and be excellent in forecasting results while overseeing the development of the project. 4.The last type is the most difficult of all as in it, both the road to end and the end result are not clear to the stakeholders and the team undertaking the project. The project leader has to be a strong leader and a motivator for he or she has to get total .mitment from the members of the team. Also he or she will need full support from the stakeholders of the .pany while undertaking such a project. So the next time you are asked to handle a project, first find out what kind of project it is. That will help to plan a program in tackling that project. That in turn will make the success more achievable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: