5 minutes to understand the design of automobile suspension type roof suspended roof has become fashionable, fashionable design style is the most fashionable, almost listed in recent years more and more cars to choose the suspension roof, originally did not use models suspended roof design but also by the change and upgrading trend and opportunity. The suspended roof what is beauty? Who is the first to bring this trend? What is a suspended roof? Suspension roof is designed to match the column or the roof and body area separated from the roof and the body to give a visual error. This design is indeed a new design direction, you can make people feel more sense of technology and a sense of movement. And in daily life we can see that the model has been used in this design, most of them are the following two kinds of suspended roof design. Two kinds of suspension roof design method of the first column: ABCD Mini Cooper S all black Skoda wild Emperor (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Land Rover Range Rover (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) second: A or C or D column column column Lexus RX black mass (ginseng, sharp pictures, inquiry) Ford Explorer (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) why major manufacturers are using the suspension roof design? Is this kind of design can bring special visual effect, let us look at the "JAC JAC, senior director of the global design of Italy design center, founder of Politecn Turin senior adviser luddie", is how to explain this design. Bring the suspension roof effect 1, from the visual effect of the vehicle height by A and C D column black trim off the body color of body longitudinal continuity and the vehicle height lower than the actual height of vision. The reason for the use of black, because black is the best to reduce the size of the color, it is not easy to focus on the eye so it is easy to be ignored by the brain. 2, effect of side vision can be through the collocation of decorations and black side windows A and C D column to form more characteristics of side main features, has very strong identification, many brands have made this one of the DNA design. 3, to create a sports atmosphere if it is A bag black, then you can visually let the cockpit feel rear can enhance the sense of movement. After all, the cockpit is too far ahead of most of the proportion of driving pain points. If you don’t understand luddie explanation, as a direct figure to feel the difference between the various floating roof design. To sum up, the suspension roof can make the car look more movement, people have lower visual illusion. No wonder most of the SUV models have preferences for this design. However, in the end who is in the car design circle was the trend? Who pioneered the suspension roof design? Found on the Internet, Nissan has brought a car called the Resonance concept car at the 2013 North American International Auto Show, the design of floating roof has attracted many designers of the eyeball, after that the design is officially entered the field of automotive design. Cash is not with the Kroraina Nissan (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) is similar? However, this information is not accurate, because according to the understanding of wayward monarch, in fact, as early as the 50s of last century?相关的主题文章: