Village director failed to pick up the stone on the spot to pick up the election of the head of the election – after the re-election of the Sohu news director of the village, the heart resentment, and then beat the elected. Recently, by the Ninglang County People’s Procuratorate to prosecute the defendant xiaomou suspected of intentional injury case verdicts, the court of intentional assault sentenced xiaomou to one year imprisonment, suspended for two years. Xiaomou is a village in Ninglang County of Yunnan Province, former director of the village, has been re elected in four, 2016 is the village committee election year, the village director candidates are xiaomou and Ma, xiaomou is determined to win. On May 9th the village in the village primary school held an election meeting that afternoon, Xu came to the school gate waiting xiaomou encountered the same voting results, pending the results of the ma. 17 am, the township government and the police station staff after the vote, announced that Ma was elected the new chairman of the village committee. After xiaomou learned their losing heart resentment, suspected Ma relatives canvassing, they asked Ma, and picked up a stone on the side of the road beat Ma head, which knocked to the ground. Two relatives of a horse came and tried to mediate, was also xiaomou stone down, later by the township government and police station staff intervened. After identification, Ma’s injury is minor two, xiaomou has constituted the crime of intentional injury. After the incident, xiaomou actively compensate the families of the victims named Ma and two relatives of the medical expenses and loss of fees, a total of 80 thousand yuan, the victim also understanding the xiaomou behavior, the court then made the punishment decision.相关的主题文章: