The closing report holdings suffered hot 4 trading day of the 22 shareholders billion cash Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million closing report encounter "reduction of heat" 4 trading days 22 companies billions of dollars in cash to shareholders this important news reporter Jiao month report the disclosure has just ended, a major shareholder number of listed companies began to wait for cash. According to wind statistics show that in the 4 trading days from September 1st to September 6th, there are 66 listed companies were major shareholders to reduce the amount of cash holdings of 7 billion 670 million yuan. Securities Daily reporters through a number of companies to reduce the announcement found that most of the company’s shareholders to take a large reduction means for large transactions. Analysis of the industry, the Commission in January this year, the introduction of new regulations have been reduced in order to cope with the possible ban tide". In the regulations, and not for the reduction of block trading restrictions, therefore, block trading becomes an important way for shareholders to reduce. 66 shareholders of the company 7 billion 700 million yuan in cash since the closing report after the beginning of September, the listed company shareholders holdings announcement appeared frequently words. Only a day in September 6th, there are Chinese online, Wanda information, diamond glass, Kawashio Zhisheng, Kang Sheng shares, shares, shares, following the peak of Fuan little logistics 8 companies issued related Holdings announcement. Among them, Kawashio Zhisheng will tour the controlling shareholder and actual controller is better than June 22nd, September 1st through the block trading holdings were 517 thousand and 500 shares and 1 million 600 thousand shares of the company, the total holdings of the company’s total share capital of 0.94%. The company explained the reasons for the reduction in June 22nd, Zhi Sheng holdings in 2015 July according to the relevant requirements for the return of the company’s holdings of shares in September 1st to reduce the loan; mainly used in Sichuan University 120 anniversary Eve, donated to the Sichuan University education foundation support Sichuan University education scientific research development. In addition, there are listed companies in the recent release notice. Among them, kasun announcement that the controlling shareholder of the company Chen Hankang and concerted action, to the date of the announcement 3 days within 6 months after the holdings of large transactions by not more than 50 million shares, accounting for 4.4% of the total share capital of the company. After the completion of the reduction plan, Chen Hankang and its concerted action of the total shares held by not less than 24.21%, is still the largest shareholder. According to wind statistics show that in the 66 encounter significant reduction of shareholders of listed companies, shareholders cash in the amount of 34 companies over ten million yuan; among them, there are 22 companies billions of dollars of cash to shareholders. Some analysts have pointed out that, compared with the current share price, the major shareholders in the bulk of the transaction with the disk of the transaction price is usually a discount. After the disk access mechanism in the bulk of the transaction to obtain a low price, can be shipped in the two market. The reduction of behavior norms in the major shareholder of large sums of cash at the same time, the market does not regulate the behavior of reduction is also of concern. According to Jin Xinnong, before the announcement that the controlling shareholder of Xinjiang agricultural lofty Equity Investment Limited相关的主题文章: