Li Sheng on Gold: gold does not exceed 1270, bet what non Dumbledore? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The dark night, silent dark, cold wind howling outside, and can hear the rustling of the trees, and I look forward to the dawn of the coming autumn winter! Like, I wait for you to come back, at the beginning of the month for non-agricultural. Here, in this way the non-agricultural, vacation time, in this cold season in October, the interest rates hopeless days, continues in this crazy, let us work together to meet the non presence. The Asian plate rebound in Europe is not broken, the disc is induced rebound recently, gold in the holiday time, staged a eighth Yin market fell on the second day of gold to continue to rebound after testing at 1269 high pressure plate down two rebound is not high, the U.S. offer period Zaigong city to 1250 UK Europe off when the low step, ushered in a $20 decline. This time, since the 1340 decline since September 26th to now I have not appointed Li Sheng once more than a single, empty single sniper several rebound to the highest point, one will profit income bursa short, 1270 people did not empty, and the 1267 empty single disc ushered in the 1253 profit point, a 10-15 dollars decline were harvested, absolutely not mouth the words of homeopathy, but the outcome of action. In Europe, as long as there is no broken disc high position, the disc after the broken bits rebound has been induced, short has become the inevitable way, hunters became the origin of the nightmare. Jobless bad, boost the price of gold continues to weaken on Wednesday, ADP announced the employment data, even if the data Dumbledore also failed to shake the price of gold fell overnight US disc rhythm, initial jobless claims, less than expected and the previous value, that the early loss of population shrinking, the economic situation improved, resulting in the price of gold by the news of the stimulus in the price of gold fell trend. When the beginning of the week jobless claims, the former value of 254 thousand, the market is expected to be 257 thousand, only about 249 thousand of the published value, less than the expected and the previous value. The price of gold fell before the ADP is not the initial data represent the general trend, and promote the cause of falling is conform to the trend, the hero is easy, and the hero for the times. A suck ADP, a good performance early please, which increased the payrolls data is judgment, I will come on some of the views of non-agricultural later. It is difficult to counter attack non-agricultural, the decline in the price of gold this time, before the non-agricultural value is 151 thousand, the market expected value of 175 thousand, the previous value and the expected gap is not too large, it is not appear in the published value and probability between the two pounds, a sharp decline in the morning, two minutes plunged more than 10%, a record the biggest intraday decline since the British off the European referendum, which also indicates that gold temporary reversal has some don’t, don’t think with the non farm data can be a signal of hunters, rather obviously re layout, do not covet a bet on their data相关的主题文章: