How to think like a hacker _ technology _ TNW Chinese station in September 24th reported hackers is perhaps one of the coolest jobs in the world, along with the ninja, pirate and super spy. When I was a child, I want to become Indiana · Jones (Indiana Jones) or James · Bond (James Bond), because they are good at fighting and wild and intractable. Later, a group called Avengers (anonymous) (Anonymous) in New York called "masked Avenger (Masked)" – the organization began to become my object of worship. My character has a deep-rooted rebellious, I also want to be a hacker. In fact, most of today’s cyber crime is not rebellious hacker (they wearing cool sunglasses, wearing black clothes, for the liberation of human fighting) do, certainly not those who live in the basement of parents in juvenile hackers. Most of the network crime is done by hackers, some of them are government backed hackers. These hackers have more negative color and greater ability to break. 2014, hackers to the global economy caused by the loss of about $575 billion, equivalent to 0.8% of global GDP. 2015, the average loss of U.S. companies suffered hacker attacks $6 million 500 thousand. 6 million 500 thousand dollars is a big loss for any company, and it may cause the company to lose the trust of the user. For small and medium companies, such losses are more difficult to bear. How to protect themselves? AMRO Holland, one of Holland’s top banks, has developed a successful network security system (ABN). Online banking is one of the areas most vulnerable to cyber attacks, because hackers will benefit from a successful attack. Bank of Holland is facing the threat of cyber attacks every day, including attacks on online banking customers, denial of service attacks and extortion software, etc.. And these attacks are changing every day. In order to cope with the network attack, the Bank of Holland has established a department called CISO, whose mission is to protect the safety of the network bank, including fraud, identity and access management and detection technology research and development, risk assessment, cryptography research, supplier of security management and crisis management. For other companies, the strategy adopted by the Bank of Holland provides them with the experience of how to create an effective network security system. Strategy 1: the weakest link can not be repaired in an application security system, what is the weakest link? You can select one of the following options. A. cross site scripting (Cross-Site Scripting)? · B. insecure encrypted storage? · C. directly to the reactor system thermal exhaust port? · D. (human or users and employees) if your answer is C, then you may be "Star Wars" (Star Wars) see this kind of movie! If your answer is A or B, then you may be a nerd! Such as.相关的主题文章: