The new Santana Cross version listed 84 thousand and 900 yuan from the sale of the Chengdu auto show car [] the September 2nd Chengdu auto show, Volkswagen announced the new Santana (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Cross Santana officially listed. The new Santana price range of 8.49-12.38 million, Santana Cross price range of 10.29-12.99 million. The new Volkswagen Santana price models price (yuan) 1.4L manual fashion (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) edition 8.491.4L manual Comfort Edition 9.881.6L manual fashion edition 8.991.6L automatic fashion edition 9.991.6L manual Comfort Edition 10.381.6L automatic Comfort Edition 11.381.6L manual Deluxe Edition 11.381.6L automatic Deluxe Edition 12.38 Volkswagen Santana Cross price models price (yuan) 1.6L manual fashion edition 10.291.6L automatic fashion edition 11.291.6L automatic Comfort Edition 12.99 appearance, the new Santana is in the current model for the appearance of the interior details of some minor adjustments, as for the Volkswagen Santana and Santana Cross, · Haona models look very similar, but the details have their own unique style of cross-border. Cross Santana grille with a new design style chrome trim and black honeycomb mesh material collocation, movement style shows crossover. Interior, new car interior parts will provide brown leather seats available, the cabin also use a large area of wood trim. In addition, the new Santana will be equipped with a touch screen control MIB multimedia system flat bottom steering wheel configuration, than the current progress. Power, the new Santana is expected to provide 1.4L 1.6L two naturally aspirated engine, the Cross Santana is equipped with 1.6L EA211 naturally aspirated engine, the maximum output power of 110 horsepower 5800rpm, peak torque of 155 cattle · m 3800rpm, matching the 6 speed automatic gearbox transmission system.相关的主题文章: