The survey said that China’s online games industry average annual salary of 370 thousand   the situation in Japan? People’s online game original title: the survey said that China’s online games industry average annual salary of 370 thousand Japanese situation? Previously there have been a domestic recruitment website released the report, the best China employment situation in the industry, the network game ranked first, but also the best paying industry, the average annual salary of 367500 yuan, causing the domestic game practitioners hot: how high? I’m dragging my feet! So, foreign game developers and how? Recently, there are nearly 2000 Japanese game developers conducted a survey to reveal the Japanese game industry, the average salary of the various jobs. Association (Computer Entertainment Supplier’s) led the survey. A total of 1808 Japanese game practitioners filled in the 2015 average salary questionnaire. Note that not all work is related to game development. The producer (Producer) [] received 44 replies: 7673000 yen ($76600, 509540.9 yuan) responsible person (Director) [] received 111 replies: 5772000 yen ($57600, 383301.2 yuan) Software Engineer (Software Engineer) [] received 919 replies: 5129000 yen (equivalent to 51200 dollars, 340601.5 yuan) art (Artist) [] received 345 replies: 4451000 yen ($44400, 295577.6 yuan) technology (Technical Artist) [art] received 53 replies: 5817000 yen ($58000, 386289.5 yuan) sound engineer (Sound Designer) [] received 58 replies: 5443000 yen ($54300, 361453.301 yuan) planning (Planner) [] received 162 replies: 4364000 yen ($43500, 289800 yuan) executive management (Executive Management) [] received 77 replies: 9098000 yen ($90800, 604170.9 yuan) of domestic marketing (Domestic Sales) [] received 8 replies: 5900000 yen ($58900, 391801.3 RMB) International Marketing (International Sales Support) [] received 5 replies: 6900000 yen ($68900), 458208.3 yuan)相关的主题文章: