The official response to the Beijing haze is resistant bacteria: most resistant bacteria avirulent — Fujian channel — original title: "Beijing is the official response to haze resistant bacteria: most resistant bacteria avirulent before the research institutions pointed out that" drug resistant bacteria found in Beijing haze". City Planning Commission yesterday responded that the increase in bacterial resistance does not mean an increase in pathogenicity, the body itself has immunity, most of these bacteria are not pathogenic to normal people. Published in the international journal "Microbiome" (microbial) a study pointed out that a researcher from Gothenburg University analyzed 864 DNA samples from human, animal and environment of the world, the purpose is to find and antibiotic resistance related genes. Among them, they selected 14 air samples from Beijing, to find the air as one of the environmental factors, whether or not containing antibiotic resistance genes. The results showed that, compared with soil, water and other external environmental factors, the microbial community in Beijing air contains the most known antibiotic resistance genes, with an average of 64.4 species. As a result, the study argues that urban air pollution is more deadly than we thought it would be, because it carries resistant bacteria, and ordinary antibiotics can do nothing about it. The research team is also pointed out in the article, they found that the gene for resistance to carbapenems in the air in Beijing, this antibiotic is a kind of atypical beta lactam antibiotics had the strongest antimicrobial activity, is widely used in respiratory infection, sepsis and other diseases, but also one of the most important drug for the treatment of serious bacterial infection. Yesterday, the City Health Planning Commission responded that the drug resistance and pathogenicity of bacteria is completely different concept, the increase in drug resistance does not mean that the increase in pathogenicity. The City Planning Commission experts pointed out that in the living environment, there are a large number of bacteria, not only in the air, in the mouth cavity, nasal cavity, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, there are bacteria or fungi, they are not harmful to the human body, a large number of bacteria and human relations are coexistence. Experts said that the body itself has immunity, most of these bacteria are not pathogenic to normal people, and even some bacteria are useful. Related news yesterday ended this cold haze again lasted nearly a week of cold yesterday officially ended. Today, the temperature began to rise slowly, the highest temperature is expected today and tomorrow will reach 7 to 8 DEG C. Cold air evacuation at the same time, took the opportunity to penetrate the haze, until after midnight today, in the weak cold air continues to "clean", haze will completely disappear. For many days the sky was interrupted by the haze. The ground is affected by the weak pressure field, started the day before yesterday night, the city appeared slight to mild haze, yesterday night, is the strongest period of the haze process, the city had mild to moderate haze. However, this round of haze process duration is not too long, this morning with a weak cold air coming in the southern region of haze compared "strong", still maintained in mild to moderate level, until the night a cold air of arrival, will completely remove haze. The cold wave ended yesterday, the cold air is evacuated to the haze)相关的主题文章: