2016 car – Yierkuzike Eurasian – Sohu tourism Ventura: Mike Chen Meng (Chen Yong): WeChat chinachenyong arrived in Irkutsk. Irkutsk has a history of more than 300 years, is the largest industrial city in Siberia, transportation and business hub, but also the East Siberia’s second largest city. Irkutsk, Russia’s largest aircraft manufacturer, is located in the city. The bronze statue of Alexander III statue built in 1902 on the Angola River in Irkutsk Triumphal Arch, also called the Moscow gate in Kirov square. Triumphal Arch was founded in 1813, 19 meters high, width of 16.5 meters. Siberia pioneer statue of Rome Catholic Church of Epiphany Cathedral Orthodox Church – Sipasikaya church nameless Martyrs Monument to Europe car drove to the German D14: Yierkuzike ~ early in the morning to Kazan Cathedral tayshet Kazan Madonna is the highest Russian Orthodox icon. It is regarded as the protection of the Russian people for centuries. There are many Frauenkirche in the Russian city of kazan. Kazan Frauenkirche ranked third in the Russian Church (Vasily Cathedral, Red Square in Moscow is ranked first in second place is the blood Cathedral in St Petersburg city residential buildings). There are old wooden houses, many places can see. Leave Yierkuzike, walk 700 kilometers. Arrived in the region. Welcome friends to contact the way, exchange of travel experience, my WeChat number chinachenyong.相关的主题文章: