Shen! 9 taboos cannot touch the maternal diet – a doctor Sohu mother, do not drink tea in England found that contains a lot of fluoride content in tea, a cup of tea in the fluoride content of up to 1.25 mg. If the fed to pregnant rats, found that mice born to have bone deformities, harm of fluoride on fetal although not yet sure, but still do not drink tea is good. Pregnancy drinking tea, not only susceptible to iron deficiency anemia, affect fetal nutrient supply, because tea contains caffeine, pregnant women will increase the heart rate and frequency of urination, increased maternal heart and kidney burden, loss of maternal and fetal health. Avoid drinking coffee and cola drinks coffee and cola is mainly composed of caffeine, cola and other alkaloids. Caffeine and clonidine are drugs that stimulate the central nervous system. According to the determination, a bottle of 340 grams of cola drinks containing caffeine 50 ~ 80 mg, if a drinking content of more than 1 grams of caffeine can cause central nervous system stimulation, showed restlessness, breath, muscle tremors, tachycardia, extrasystole and insomnia, vertigo, tinnitus etc.. Even taking 1 grams of the following, as a result of stimulation of the gastric mucosa, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, palpitations and precordial pain and other symptoms. The fetus is particularly sensitive to caffeine, caffeine quickly through the placenta and the role of the fetus, the fetus adversely affected. It was confirmed on pregnant rats injected caffeine experiment, cleft palate, meningocele, spina bifida, no jaw, no eyes, skeletal anomalies, short stature, limb deformity easily occurred in rats. For the next generation of health, pregnant women should drink or drink coffee and cola beverages. Avoid drinking research shows that pregnant women drinking is an important cause of infant malformations and mental retardation. This is because any trace of alcohol can be blocked through the placenta into the fetus, so that the concentration of alcohol in the fetus and maternal alcohol concentration. The French medical doctor had 127 students had drinking addiction children of women who were observed and found that they have defects to the single eyelids, even if the eyelid is not obvious, flat nose, medial canthus eyelid ectropion, face flat and narrow, nasolabial fuzzy, thin upper lip and tight, short chin. This is alcohol poisoning, facial development is not perfect, about 13 of children born to mothers drinking alcohol. More serious is the harm of alcohol on the brain and the heart, pregnant women drinking causes about 30% of heart disease in infants. Pregnant women drink too much, the birth of the child will soon die of the common. The results of the autopsy of the dead baby shows that the brain is not only less than normal, but also the development of the brain is not obvious or abnormal. In many countries, intelligence tests were conducted on children suffering from alcohol poisoning during the fetal period. They found that their IQ was below the average level. Most of them were unresponsive, mentally retarded or idiot. Avoid the partial eclipse picky in the mother’s body fetal growth and development, rely on maternal nutrition supply. Maternal adequacy is closely related to fetal growth and development. Such as lack of nutrition in pregnant women, the lack of fetal metabolites, growth and development will be affected. In order to make a baby strong and wise, first of all to ensure that pregnant.相关的主题文章: