Suffered the most serious crisis in the history of the crisis, Note 7 will allow Samsung to decline it? Science and technology Tencent Guo Xiaofeng Bu Xiang, it is hard to believe that originally used to fight against apple, Boost Mobile Business Galaxy Note 7, turned into a Samsung to bury their own time bomb". Note 7 explosion continued fermentation, so that the long-term occupy the first throne of the global smart phone market, South Korean manufacturers, is experiencing the biggest crisis in the history of development. September 2nd, due to the latest release of the flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7 battery heating spontaneous combustion problems, Samsung announced the recall of the product to some cities around the world. Currently, the world has accumulated more than 2 million 500 thousand recalls, its size in the history of the development of Samsung in the past, and even the largest recall of the smartphone industry. Currently, the impact of the event is still deteriorating. According to the Reuters in September 15 reported that Samsung Electronics in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of Galaxy Note 7, the company received 92 reports of batteries overheating in the United States, including 26 cases of burn and 55 cases of property loss report. In the first free recall of the Chinese market, Samsung has recently sent to some Note 7 users to stop the use and replacement notice. For safety reasons, Samsung also took the maximum amount of 60% of the restriction measures. But yesterday, Chinese market or first cell spontaneous events, this is still under investigation, the Samsung official declined to comment. For Samsung, the economic losses caused by this flagship product may cause its revenue loss of nearly $5 billion this year. But more serious than money is that it has hit the image of Samsung, Samsung has fallen into the history of the most serious crisis of confidence. Skip birth is buried safe hidden trouble in the Silicon Valley is located in the city of Alto Palo AT& in the United States; T and Verizon stores, Tencent of science and technology found that replacement can accept user Note7, but the new Note7 mobile phone has been unable to buy Samsung, the other two flagship models S7 and S7 Edge are also few customers interested. A customer in the Verizon store, said he heard the recall of Note7, I feel very lucky and did not use Samsung’s mobile phone, if I want to buy Note7, will consider waiting for the next batch." The customer said. He said that in the case of almost the same price, at least iPhone did not occur in this regard, so he would rather not take the risk. Previously, in order to check the apple iPhone 7, Samsung is well intentioned, the flagship mobile phone named from Galaxy Note 5 to jump to Galaxy Note 7, equipped with apple mobile phone without iris recognition, curved screen and other cutting-edge technology and first released in an exclusive, apple a month ago. However, Galaxy Note 7 to catch up with the dream of iPhone was suddenly awakened by a battery of spontaneous combustion events in. August 24th, the well-known mobile phone forum in South Korea, ppomppu, there are users upload a number of Samsung Galax.相关的主题文章: