Japanese media: Japan intends to Pacific Northwest scientific whaling increased 100 head data according to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported, the media was informed that 8 Japanese government is on the Northwest Pacific since the year of 2017 new scientific whaling program case summary. The number of minke whales and whaling head including a total of 314 North whales head, compared to the current level, the actual will increase about 100. Hokkaido coastal waters will be carried out research whaling. The new government plan shall, immediately to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) submitted to the Scientific Committee, but Australia is expected to protest anti whaling nations. The Pacific Northwest current scientific whaling except near overseas, two (coastal stone Miyagi Kushiro sea, Hokkaido Kushiro city Ayukawa volume is also in the sea). The current plan of fishing was originally 380, but according to the International Court of justice to stop the contents of the decision to stop whaling in the southern ocean research, after the year of to take the size of the reduction to the top 217 measures. The new plan is designed to more accurately calculate the amount of fishing, scientific research period of 2017 years from the beginning of the year, 6 years after the interim assessment of the amount of money in the year of 12. The 174 minke whales, 140 minke whales head north. The whale is removed from the object. The number of heads is in progress and may be subject to change. The new plan is expected to be discussed by the IWC Science Committee in 2017, and the Japanese government will make a final decision on the committee’s discussion. In October this year, held in Slovenia, the IWC conference, passed a resolution to contain Japan’s scientific whaling. Written in a specific program, said the resolution, not only the Scientific Committee, the working group meeting after the proposal, the General Assembly will also discuss the plan. To comply with the resolution, scientific whaling to be postponed to the next session of the general assembly in 2018, but because there is no legal binding, Japan does not intend to comply. (end)相关的主题文章: