Bank of Korea in China long secret operation China Dandong Secretary substitutions 26 U. S. Treasury Department announced that they think China luck and four senior corporate group suspected of helping North Korea acquiring weapons of mass destruction, decided to impose sanctions on the company and the relevant personnel of the freezing of assets, the same day the United States Department of justice of the enterprise and put forward four individuals criminal charges that they conspired to escape the American economic sanctions against WMD sanctions regulations, also involved in money laundering. The next day China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang responded, first reiterated China’s stance against North Korea to develop nuclear weapons, said if there is any enterprise or individual illegal move once verified will be severely dealt with. In this process, do not rule out cooperation with relevant countries, finally stressed that China opposes any country according to Chinese domestic law implementation of long arm jurisdiction. On the other side, 28 in the U.S. State Department officials attended the hearings, the U.S. and South Korea in response to North Korea’s cooperation on the issue of enhancement, suggesting that the United States will continue to strengthen and Chinese in sanctions on U.S. officials also said that cooperation is for all enterprises and individuals involved in violation of sanctions against the DPRK’s investigation, but did not there are China enterprises under investigation responded positively to whether. ‘Liaoning Hongxiang industrial group, because of alleged export can be used to produce nuclear weapons material to North Korea is a criminal investigation, the case disclosed relates to an increasingly wide range of Japanese media reports, the General Federation of Korean residents suspected by the group of luck towards the remittance and the remittance account included Hongxiang group the name of the account on behalf of Ma Xiaohong, Ma Xiaohong is also one of this month is 2016 September China official termination of eligibility of Liaoning province 452 delegates to the National People’s Congress, the Liaoning provincial Party committee issued a document on the 25 day Liu Xingwei was appointed secretary of Dandong municipal Party committee, and Sun Zhaolin is another appointment. According to the 26 day of the Korea Central Daily reported, Hongxiang group has been the secrets of the trade and the North Bank of Dandong on behalf of the Ministry of light, to carry out trade settlement and remittance business loans, in addition to the bank and investment cooperation set up logistics subsidiary, Hongxiang Industrial Logistics Co. ltd.. The sources said that although the bright bank of Dandong on behalf of the Ministry of the United Nations Security Council resolution 2270 designated as a closed object in March of this year, but recently the authorities survey results have shown that the bank first moved the office, has not listed the secrets of the operation. North Korea’s foreign trade report to expand South Korea trade investment promotion agency released, from the beginning of 2009, North Korea’s foreign trade scale does not include inter Korean trade, has been rising momentum, 2009 is $3 billion 410 million, $6 billion 320 million in 2011, 2014 is increased to $7 billion 610 million, while in 2015 slightly, North Korea most export products are coal and other mineral raw materials. According to 2015 data, 97.3% of exports to China, then North Korea’s trade with China in North Korea’s foreign trade in the status of how? North Korea’s trade with China in the proportion of its total foreign trade has been increasing year by year, we see the proportion of 2008 is 70%, in 2015 reached 91.3%. Okay, so.相关的主题文章: