Jiangsu, a town government accused not to appear superior court recommended the government to seriously deal with – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Gaoyou on August 27th news (reporter Guan Xin Guo Xiangyu) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported, "told the official gone, the judicial practice in the administrative litigation, has been a common phenomenon. Recently, the Jiangsu court of Gaoyou city officials did not appear in court, a judicial proposal issued, attracted the attention of many people. One of the demands of the masses of Baoying County Guang Yang town government information disclosure, and the court, but the town government without justifiable reasons not to take part in the proceedings, the court finally with the hearing. Gaoyou City Court issued a judicial proposal to the town of Baoying county government, proposed the responsible personnel seriously dealt with, and the results will be communicated to the court requirements. Gaoyou city and Baoying county is under the jurisdiction of the administrative area of Jiangsu Yangzhou, which is a rare cross regional, let the people clap and also obtain judicial circles praise. "According to the normal procedure, we issued a subpoena. During the trial, the plaintiff came and found that the defendant did not come. We judge in court with the town government contact, ask what specific reason, they did not appear in court, we don’t know." Zhou Shu, director of the Gaoyou municipal court office confirmed to reporters that the network circulated that the judicial proposal, it is Gaoyou City Court issued to the Baoying County government. But he said he did not know the court’s internal documents, is how to spread to the internet. For the town government did not appear in court, Zhou Shu said he believes the town government is not malicious. "Guang Yang town government side, believe that they are not malicious, deliberately not to appear, because this is not a very complicated administrative litigation cases, they do not need to appear in court." Referring to the judicial proposal, "a notice of summons the plaintiff and defendant in the August 16, 2016 9 court, but the defendant after received court summons without justifiable reasons not to appear in the proceedings of the court hearing." Zhou Shu said that the administrative litigation is not complicated. The plaintiff said in court, the defendant on the information disclosure of this one, in fact, the defendant has in the legal term, make public information did not reply, what is not the right place for his administrative behavior, then in this case, the plaintiff is withdrawn." Zhou Shu told reporters that the court issued a judicial proposal, more is to remind the local government to avoid the recurrence of similar situations, did not expect to cause everyone’s attention. "After the trial, the defendant does not appear, after all, the case caused some passive. If the defendant comes, it might be more effective. For this reason, in order to avoid a similar situation in the future, the town government issued a judicial proposal." Reporters noted that the court’s judicial proposals also clearly stated, please the county government, and the results will be communicated in the hospital. Dated August 17th. Zhou Shu said that due to time constraints, he does not know the Baoying county government feedback. What is the reason, the town government did not appear in court? Guang Yang town mayor Yao Shaoyu said, indeed because of errors in the work, resulting in the day did not appear in court. ".相关的主题文章: