Music network drama "Schrodinger’s cat" set file 1116 pilot predicted incoming "Schrodinger’s cat" the first trailer! Passion music Rhapsody Youth Entertainment Tencent directed by the young director Tang Tao youth campus music drama "Schrodinger" the cat today released the pilot notice, announced on November 16th officially in the on-line video Tencent. This part consists of "Tsinghua Curve Wrecker song" Ma Ruinan "and" Chinese song (watch) Yang Kun group of students starring Su Shiding, with music, youth, fantasy, through musical elements, as the first domestic youth campus music drama, has been a concern since the shooting. The first "through the version of the trailer exposure opened" a corner of Schrodinger’s cat "mysterious parallel world, show the actor Xue Shiqi and a mysterious past to the wonderful entanglements between the mobile phone to send short message. After the pilot trailer, it will cause users to discuss. "Schrodinger’s cat" directed by Tang Tao, written by Dole, Ma Ruinan, Su Shiding starring, Sun Tianyu, Huang Xiaoyun, Zhou Ziqi, Pu Yue, Liang Zhenfeng, Binbanathan and other stars. Will be held on November 16, 2016 every Monday, three, five 12:00 at noon in the whole network video broadcast Tencent. "Through the version of" secret notice "parallel worlds" interpretation of passionate "sing the youth" in the coming winter season, each big video network platform play recent line type high cold bias suspense. From the preview, "Schrodinger" the cat running through the campus youth small fresh atmosphere, will undoubtedly be a warm winter season. Collision notice blood youth campus, etc., pure fantasy through wonderful elements will produce what kind of chemical reaction wonderful, causing the audience guessing. At the same time, between the stills bright scene, the new campus youth choir members or interactive seasons of love or funny, causing the audience to guess the plot, "prelude to sing the youth" opened. In the trailer "there is such a can across time, send text messages to mobile phone", "I am opinionated, changed the fate of others" lines allow users of notice that can have a huge interest in mobile phone to send text messages to the mysterious past. And the Lord Xue Shiqi because of this mysterious phone opened the door to what fate? The fate of 100, behind the door of that group status of energetic choir members and he will bring what kind of surprise and shock? The pilot published notice of a corner of reverie "parallel worlds" opened the mysterious veil, successfully evoke the curiosity of the audience. All wait for the announced officially launched after the wonderful. Chinese version of "glee" music life first campus music network drama type "read a notice first Chinese version of" glee "feeling, looking forward to the actors singing an" and "see notice reminds me of the" eighteen year old "across the sky, feeling very interesting element", two the main members of the chorus of men and women lead exposure Pilot Trailer chase in the music dream plot, let many users think of the "glee", "eighteen year old sky" equivalent type of film and television works. From the current exposure of the lineup, the actors who have good music background, including Tsinghua Curve Wrecker song "Ma Ruinan," Chinese Song Yang ".相关的主题文章: