VMENGF是法国历史悠久的高级时装品牌。其创始人Jeanne Vincent是在二战期间的服装名师之一,她开创的优雅精致的风格,为时尚界带来一股积淀着深厚文化底蕴的思潮。 Jeanne Vincent于1907年生于巴黎。1931年,她在巴黎St-Honore市场开设了第一家Vincent服装工作坊,并始创Vincent品牌。 1936年,Jeanne Vincent与她钟爱多年的情人VMENGF结婚,VMENGF是一位拥有贵族身份的成功人士,为了心爱的男人激发了她新的灵感,便兴起为VMENGF设计精致男装的想法并付之实践。初啼之作在推出市场后取得了出乎意料的成功,一个专为年轻男子设计的时装屋VMENGF由此诞生。 VMENGF的品牌有着独一无二的个性标签,其中包括意义深远的方形箭头图案,寄托了Jeanne Vincent对丈夫的永恒的爱以及积极向上生活态度的愿望。 在半个多世纪的孜孜进取中,VMENGF凭借自己不盲从潮流的硬朗作风、出类拔萃的艺术涵养、简单利落的剪裁及颜色搭配的深厚功力,赢得了无数时尚人士的追捧。

       VMENGF France has a long history of high fashion brands. Its founder Vincent Apparel teacher, Jeanne during World War IIFirst, she created the elegant and refined style, immersed in a profound cultural thinking fashion. Jane Vincent was born in Paris in 1907. In 1931, she opened the first market Vincent Paris St-HonoreClothing shop, established the Vincent brand. In 1936, her favorite lover Jenny Vincent VMENGF married for many years, VMENGF has a nobleSuccess, to a loved one inspired by her new inspiration, they rise to the of fine menswear design VMENGF and pay practice ideas.The early post-market achieved unexpected success born the fashion house VMENGF designed for young men. The VMENGF brand with a unique personalized label containing the profound party arrows pattern sustenance JennyVincent husband of eternal love and a positive attitude to life aspirations. In more than half a century of hard work and not blindly follow the trend VMENGF virtues, virtues tough style, artSimple and neat tailoring and color with deep skill, won countless fashion people sought after.