What exactly is "Blocked Energy?" Blocked energy is, in essence, when you want to move forward in an area in your business, but you find yourself feeling stuck. How do you know when you are experiencing it in your business? You may find yourself thinking and/or saying things like… "I am procrastinating …." "I feel overwhelmed." "I am not inspired to take action…" "I have been wanting this in my business for a long time, but I cannot figure out how to make it happen…" Any of these feelings and thoughts ring a bell? When these thoughts are coming up this is a sure indication that your energy is blocked. Then, as we say is you are being called to become "energetically responsible" and to shift your beliefs and manage your energy so that you are free to come from a place of inspiration instead of force or "have to." Remember, you are in charge of your business, not the other way around. Keep in mind even though it does not feel like it, you need to remember blocked energy is a good thing! Because you know that it’s calling you forward to move your business into a bigger place. It is a sign that there is a huge opportunity waiting for you! So how do you get started? Here are five solutions on how to best move forward through blocked energy in your business … Solution #1: Accept Exactly Where You are At. First of all, and often this is easier said than done, you must learn to be gentle with yourself and accept exactly where you’re at right now. Accept it! Remind yourself that this is a learning process. We have all heard the saying "what you resist persists" so the more you resist your blocked energy the more you are allowing blocked energy to be powerful. In order to regain your own power within yourselves you simply start with accepting where you are. Accept the feelings in your body, accept the emotions that are being activated and accept that you feel stuck. By just loving yourself in spite of all your flaws and your struggle and remembering that you are where you are for a reason you will more easily be able to see that you are being given an opportunity to transform this energy for yourself and to grow your business in a really huge way. Hint: Remind yourself: "The fact that I am feeling blocked is a sign. I am being called to bring this area to light so I can transform it and learn the lesson that this particular situation is here to teach me. It is an opportunity for me to move into a place of more abundance, expansiveness and ease." Solution #2: Set Intentions. When you set intentions you are getting clear as to how you want to be throughout the day. This is especially important if you feel yourself stuck in lower level energy! Often when entrepreneurs experience lower level energy all energy management tools go out the window. You might say "well that is all fine when things are humming along, but I do not feel like using these tools right now." And that is EXACTLY when you need to start using these tools the most. The idea as an entrepreneur is not that you are never going to experience lower level energy and that everything is just going to be perfect. The idea is that when things are not perfect you are still willing to show up! This is referred to as being steadfast! You are willing to be steadfast when things are going difficult for you. You are willing to just suit-up and show up! That means to be willing to use these tools that you have learned. Remember, there is true power in the clarity of intent. You want to set intentions. Solution #3: Apply the Belief Transformation Tool. The Belief Transformation Tool is really very powerful because it has you asking yourself, in essence, "What is the "story" I am telling myself?" "What is the belief that is coming up for me that I might not be aware of?" This is very important because often your beliefs author your life and you accept them to be the truth, when in fact they are not. That is why this tool is so important because you get to hear your beliefs and the story that you are telling yourself. Then ask yourself if this is actually true? "Is this an actual true belief that I am experiencing?" Hint: A lot of entrepreneurs have an intellectual understanding of the role beliefs play in their business, but few have a tangible tool that assists them in creating a change on a daily basis. Solution #4: Call On Your Board of Directors. The power of tapping into your energetic Board of Directors is that you are opening up your mind to receive insight that you would not be able to come to purely on your own. As Einstein said "You cannot solve your problems by the same level which created them" so your Board of Directors is super, super powerful when you are experiencing blocked energy because it allows you to tap into other ways of thinking and problem solving by energetically calling on support of others that you admire and trust. Hint: Remember for organizations to run successfully members need to show up consistently, so you also want to think about how you can show up consistently with your Board of Directors. Solution #5: Take Your Next Divine Right Step. Again, when you find yourself experiencing blocked or lower level energy you are being called to take the next right step for yourself. All the tools that I have shared with you today will allow you to take the next devine step. Time and time again entrepreneurs discount the importance of taking small steps and think that they have to "do it all," that you have to go from point A to point C all at once. In truth taking small steps and moving in really small shifts is progress. When most people experience Blocked Energy they stop or give up or just kind of crawl into a cave and say "this is how it is always going to be." The key is no matter how small you may feel you are moving at times it is important to keep moving. You focus on shifting the beliefs that come up and then take your next baby step. This is very effective. The important thing is no matter how low your energy or how stuck or frustrated you may feel, to continue to take action while you’re experiencing that Blocked Energy. As we like to say, we want you to be in process, not perfection. Building a business is a process. You are never done. So give yourself permission not to have to do it perfectly! Your Call To Action 1) Accept exactly where you are. 2) Set intentions. 3) Use a daily tool to transform your beliefs. 4) Call in energetic support. 5) Take the Next Divine Right Step in your business. 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