Travel-and-Leisure If you are looking to plan for an enjoyable holiday and make it worth it, the options are aplenty. However, if you would prefer a unique holiday which is out of the ordinary, turn to Rajasthan. Everyday holidays do not linger for long and the experience gets lost too easily. Memorable holidays are characterized by experiences beyond .pare. The splendor of Rajasthan must be experienced to be able to appreciate it. Popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan are aplenty. The extensive range of tourist hotspots includes desert safaris, heritage sites, hill station, monuments, palaces and wildlife tours. One could avail of a customized Rajasthan Tours Package to make the most of a unique experience that Rajasthan is. The outstanding packages in terms of popularity in this category .prise of the Golden Triangle Tours, Rajasthan Desert Safari, Rajasthan Wildlife Tours and the Rajasthan Cultural Tour. The Golden Triangle tour is intended so as to provide an opportunity to explore Delhi, Agra and Jaipur while the Rajasthan Desert Safari takes you to the Thar Desert. The Rajasthan wildlife tour provides an opportunity to explore the rich wildlife in store. The colorful culture of Rajasthan could be savored by way of a Rajasthan Cultural Tour. Many prefer .ing over to spend their holidays in the hill station of Mount Abu. The vast expanse of land in Rajasthan represents varied terrains and different weather conditions. Given the ample options, the Rajasthan holidays are a popular choice just like the other tour packages. The sound of Rajasthan travel in itself is enticing because one can derive a great deal from a holiday perspective in a limited time period. As far as hospitality is concerned, the services are among the best. An account of a number of royal palaces which were converted to world class hotels could prove to be the perfect antidote for those in search of a first hand experience of royalty. The glorious history of the kings and queens of Rajasthan adds to mystic of this place. A holiday getaway to Rajasthan could live up to your idea of the perfect blend of unf.ettable memories and impressive experiences. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: