News-and-Society If you are a single parent, you might hesitate when you want to get into dating again. Being single for a while and having your kids around, you feel that you have no more time for relationships and dating. But it’s high time for you to try your hand in dating again, now that you have well adjusted to being a single parent. The changes that we will be telling you might seem small, miniscule, and irrelevant even! Remember, small changes can bring a big impact in your life. The small ripples of change can go a long way and can even change your perspective, you can enjoy your life more and get the love life you deserve. So here is the top tip for single parents on how you can change your dating perspective: TOP TIP: Do think about online dating as a means to expanding your social life instead of "finding a partner." Sometimes, we get too pressured in looking for our partners, that we get too anxious. so what you need to do is try to change your perspective about why they are going through with online dating. If you focus more about finding THE ONE, then you are just adding unnecessary pressure to yourself. While it’s good to be goal-oriented (because yes, your ultimate goal IS to find your match), there are certain disadvantages to thinking about it all the time. The first advantage is that it may lead you to making poor decisions; and you’d be forced yourself to like someone and .municate with them even though you know that he’s not your match. And the second disadvantage is that it might lead to disappointment, this is connected to making the wrong choices. Instead of dwelling on that; just focus on expanding your social circle and making more friends. Thus relieving yourself from any pressure. This would also open you up to friendly relationships that can uplift you and bring joy to you. Besides, who know that one day, one of these "friends" that you have could turn out to be more romantic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: