The Foundation Memphis Tours as a huge distinguished foundation is not introducing itself here as a new tourist establishment or even evaluate its tourist activities, on the contrary, this great firm is matured enough, simply because it has played an outstanding part in the development, improvement and implementation of tourist business throughout Egypt as a unique destination on the map of theInternational tourist markets. 55th Anniversary ( 1955-2010 ) Memphis Tours is one of the pioneers which have great impact on travel industry for more than 55 years of experience. This huge foundation was established on 1955 and practice all different travel business ever since. It attains an official license No 30, stamped by The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and classified on category (A) as one of the top high grade Tour Operators in Egypt. Memphis Tours Egypt member of : – The Egyptian Travel Agent Association ( E T A A ) – World Tourism Organization ( W T O ) – The American Society of Travel Agents ( A S T A ) – The International Association of Travel and Tourism ( I A T T) – The International Organization for E Tourism ( I O E T ) Memphis Tours in Brief : This historical background is well known to our honorable guests, our visitors and to our corporate who enjoyed with us a wonderful experience while they were on their tour at Egypt. As mentioned up we are not evaluating our services as far as we like to give spot light to all potential customers who would be interested to visit Egypt to be careful on planning their tour to which tour operator they would choose , We advise them to rely on the most experienced one . Memphis Tours management and staff are experts and professionals in travel business. They are high calibers, high qualified and distinguished by their multi- lingual fluency on many foreign languages. This .pany is run and controlled by skilled administration to ensure high level of the quality of its services and thereby reflect the positive image of the .pany whose main objective focused on (quality is our top priority) Our motive is to satisfy the needs of our guests through providing them the best service they are looking after .We do believe honestly that quality should .e first and quantity would .e later Eventually when the management of the .pany thought of how to improve and develop its tourist products .They conceived that the most effective way is to follow up and apply the latest scientific progress in electronics which depends on how fast deals are concluded in the field of travel business. Consequently the management of the .pany has its perspective fore sight to build a large data base for its own travel activities since more than 20 years and established for this purpose a management with special .munications skills .Thus it attains one of the most advanced technology E Tourism .We are consider one of the first pioneer to conduct this technology ever since On activating this advanced technology of E Tourism we have got marvelous opportunity to provide our clients with the latest travel services available at the moment, we introduce new multi travel products which does not exist before. Now our guests are able to design their own programs which would be subject to their desires and satisfy their needs and limitation of their budget Fortunately with the utilize of E- Tourism we minimize the costs of the tourist services which is consider a great privilege poured in favour of our customers because he would save %25 approximate in case buying any travel service through a mediator . We invite you to visit our site where you will be amazed when you recognize varieties of our exciting offers which covers all attractions of Egypt as a unique destination. Memphis Tours Travel Services : We offer diversity of our tourist products as indicated hereafter: – Culture Tourism (a .plete coverage of all ancient and historical monuments) – Recreation Tourism (on Mediterranean and Red Sea) – Curative Tourism (therapeutics of mineral, springs, spas and white hot sands – Religious Tourism (Route of the Holy Family to Egypt, Coptic, Islamic relics – Sports Tourism (surfing, diving, snorkeling, golf and yacht) – Safari Tourism (the mysteries of East and West deserts and oases in camping – Quick Trips and shore Excursions ( Shore excursions from Alexandria port, Shore excursions from Port Said, Shore excursions from Sokhna port, Shore excursions from Safaga port, Shore excursions from Hurghada Marina, And Quick trip from Aqaba port ) – Fantastic and Upholding Nile Cruises ( Egypt Nile cruise tours, Egypt Lake Nasser cruise, Dahabeya Nile Cruises, and Nile Steamer Ship ) – Tours for Disabled Travellers with special equipments – Entertainment Programs (high lights on Cairo by night. Sound, light show) – Festival, conference and exhibition arrangements A word from Chairman : Dear Traveller, Planning a trip is not an easy job and to relay on Memphis Tours is definitely you relay on honesty, reliability, credibility and financial stability. Memphis tours offers you the best value for your money. It is the tour operator which is able to convert the impossible to be possible for the interests of its guests As a reputable tour operator we advise you to visit our site to acknowledge the .ments of our honorable guests. We are proud of their fair judgment on the quality of our services. This remarkable history of Memphis Tours reflects the true image of a tour operator which is obviously different from others. By: Mark Smith – For weddings and parties it is a great option to hire the limousine services. 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