Health In today’s society, there are many people who are choosing to use fraudulent doctors notes as an easy solution for a doctor excuse for a multitude of reasons, including absences from work or school. The single most .pelling reason given by people for adopting the solution of these sample doctor notes is that they just can’t afford to visit the doctor unless it is a true necessity. Should you decide to use these notes instead of actually visiting the doctor, you don’t want to get caught doing so. You want to take some steps to make sure that you will be in the clear. Following are e a few pointers to use if you decide to use these fraudulent doctors notes if you find yourself missing work for an ordinary illness. First Pointer: Keep Some of the Symptoms of The Doctor Excuse – If you are going to use these sample doctor notes, you are going to operate a bit under the weather. Even though you may not have been ill enough to go to the doctor, you should probably have a few minor symptoms of your illness still hanging on when you return to work. So, if you were suffering from a cold, you may want to cough from time to time. If you are not acting sick at all others may begin to wonder if you were really sick when you were gone. Second Pointer: Catch up on Your Work After The Doctor Excuse – If missing work has caused your work to backlog, then make sure that you get it caught back up. Usually when a person is sick and returns to work, they work diligently to get their work back on track because they really don’t want to jeopardize their jobs. If you did not show this same level of a work ethic, it may show your boss and coworkers that you weren’t really serious about your job. It may even make them wonder if your sample doctor notes were actually fraudulent doctors notes. Third Pointer – Produce a Realistic Doctor Excuse – Obviously you’ll want to ensure your fraudulent doctors notes are provide realistic information. Most likely your employer is more apt to accept that you were home with a cold, flu, or digestive-type problem. Something that is in keeping with .mon reasons why people miss work is a lot more likely to be accepted by your employer. So, make sure that you keep the sample doctor notes realistic to avoid getting caught. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: