Weight-Loss It was recently discovered by Dr. Robert O. Young that a foods acidic levels and your blood alkaline measurement are closely related to obesity. A ph balance diet is therefore of critical importance if one hopes to lose weight. What a critical discovery! Concerning weight loss: It’s time for a chat about your body’s ph balance and blood alkaline and acid levels. Soil is a plant’s food, its diet.It’s taken as a given by farmer’s and agronomists that soils with the proper ph balance will make plants grow best, i.e., a ph balance diet is must for plant survival. In fact, every organism has its own ph balance diet requirements in order to survive and thrive. If the ph is too high (alkaline) or too low (acidity) the organism will suffer from pain and stress, even die/ Thus it is that corn will not grow well in soil that is too alkaline, and carrots will not grow well in soil that is too acidic. The human body is no different. There is a range of acidity/alkalinity for our bodies in which they function perfectly-our blood alkaline can’t be too high and neither can our blood be too acidic. But should the body’s acidity/alkalinity balance fall outside of this range, due to an unbalance ph diet,the body’s functioning be.es impaired, it .es under stress and pain even arises. Eventually this stressed condition will lead to a degenerative disease (and/or obesity) that may eventually cause death. The modern lifestyle contributes to low blood alkaline levels due to the lack of a ph balance diet. Our foods acidic levels are simply too high. Red meats are highly acidic, as is soda pop, caffeine, most processed food, and fried foods. During digestion carbs and sugars turn acidic. How many years has it been since my high school physics teacher soaked a dried chicken leg bone in a glass of coca cola? Within an hour the bone could be tied into a knot because of the acidity of the cola. But we tend to ignore all this. Thus it is that our bodies slowly tend to be.e acidic. It is a slow process, and we don’t notice it. That is okay when we are in our twenties and thirties. It’s when we hit our forties that the accumulated effect of eating too much acidic food begins to show up, and our bodies be.e dangerously acidic and fat. Lets talk specifics here. A ph balance diet will result in a ph of 7.2, signifying that the body is in perfect ph balance, neither too acidic or alkaline. A ph range of 7.0 to 7.5 is the acceptable range for a body to be in good health. When the ph drops to between 6.5 and 7.0, the body is beginning to feel pain, is stressed and fatigue and a feeling of lethargy begins to set in. When the ph drops to between 6.0 and 6.5, the body is beginning to be.e seriously acidic, and it is probably developing one or more of the 150 specific degenerative diseases, and excess body fat that are associated with an acetic condition. Then when your ph gets to between 6.0 and 5.5, you are in serious trouble, period. Your energy levels are shot, obesity crops up and degenerative diseases and/or weight gain is upon you. When I discovered this very simple but crucial bit of information, I checked my ph. It was 5.5. No wonder I was having obesity and weight gain problems! Now lets talk about how this situation leads to obesity. Okay, you have led a good life, used moderation in most things, and have good health. But gradually, unknown to you, your acidity has slowly, over the years, increased, and your blood alkaline levels crashed. As your acidity has increased and blood alkaline decreased, {your body will experience several reactions to this changed condition.|your body will undergo several changes. Pain and a general feeling of fatigue and tiredness sets in. Women’s menstrual symptoms be.e more severe. Obesity sets in. Your low blood alkaline and high acidity now affects the body’s ability to perform a function that it used to perform with ease. The ability of your stressed blood to carry food and oxygen to the body’s cells, and its ability to carry away the waste products from the cells is lessened. Your blood, now unable to easily perform these functions, be.es overloaded with waste products (toxins) that it cannot easily dispose of. So it looks for other ways to dispose of the waste products. Some of them it stores in your fat deposits. Others it stores as deposits in the linings of your veins and arteries. And others it deposits on places where your bones are exposed, such as the bone joints of your body, or in your pancreas. It is these deposits of certain toxins (waste products) in your bone joints that eventually manifest as arthritis. Toxins stored in your pancreas lead to diabetes, and acids and toxins that are stored in your body fat leads to fat and obesity. Why? Because your body will produce extra fat in order to have a storehouse for excess toxins and acidity. So, as I have outlined here, obesity is in actuality caused by a long-term over-acidity and low blood alkaline level in the body caused by the lack of a ph balance diet. Once I realized this, I began to look for a direct and simple treatment to change my ph balance (acidity/alkalinity) back to a healthy range. Eventually I found the alkaline diet, a ph balance diet that gave me pain relief, leading to total symptom reversal. After I began treatment, my recovery from arthritis was dramatic. Within 6 weeks of treatment my ph had gone from 5.5 to 6.5. Not only did my arthritis stiffness and pain and symptoms begin to disappear, I also regained much of my prior energy and zest for life. And, wonder of wonder, I experienced significant weight loss! Fat loss without dieting! What a delightful bonus. Now my blood alkaline and acidity levels are in the healthy range, and it is easy for me to keep them that way. What I especially like is that no draconian diet changes were necessary. I really, really cannot say enough about the Alkaline Diet. It’s really done wonders for me. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: