UnCategorized There are eight self storage secrets that you must be aware of to get best deals when you rent a self storage. a) Some self storage facilities attract you with low rents, only to raise it later. So it will be prudent on your part to find out how often the rents are raised. It is always better to have these details in writing. If the storage manager does not give you a satisfactory reply or is not willing to .mit in writing, I suggest you look elsewhere. b) You should visit the storage facility after it rains in the area where the storage facility is located. Check for signs of watermarks on the storage walls. At times the marks on the walls will remain months after the rains have stopped. It is worth noting that storage facilities cannot be held liable for water damage to the goods that you have stored in the storage facility. c) If you need to access your storage facility often I suggest you obtain a facility that is a size larger that what your site manager re.mends. This will make it easy to transport goods from and to the storage facility. On the other hand if you don’t access your storage facility frequently, then you could use a facility which is a size smaller than what your site manager re.mends. This is because you don’t need an extra space to move your goods in the storage facility. d) When renting a storage facility, most facilities will asked you to make a deposit that is refundable once you move out of the facility. Some may ask for a fee for preparing the paperwork for renting out the facility. So make sure you find out if there are any "hidden fees or charges" that the facility is charging you. I suggest you obtain a receipt for the deposit that you give the facility. e) In a recessionary period, you can bargain with storage facility providers for a rent free truck or trucks at low rentals. Chances are most facilities will give in to your demands if they want your business bad enough. f) Storage facilities are not responsible for any loss of your goods. Therefore it will be prudent to insure the goods that you intend to keep at the storage facility. Some the facility collects the premium for the goods stored directly from you. When a facility does this, they usually have their own financial interests in mind. So before you agree to pay premiums to the facility, it will do you good to check the rates with your insurance agent. g) To prevent loss due to theft I suggest you follow these simple steps. i) Store valuable goods at the back of the facility. ii) When opening the doors, be alert and keep a check on people trying to have a good look inside your storage facility. iii) Make sure you have surveillance equipment installed at the facility. h) Don’t just call the facility and book the unit. It is imperative that you visit the place and find out if the facility meets your requirements. If the unit does not have a live-in manager, then I suggest you check out the next facility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: