Business If you have been inspired to open a retail store or carry out some much needed refurbishment, dont be daunted by the tasks you need to ac.plish before you launch your new look store: with careful planning and a little help from the retail display specialists you can bring your dreams to reality sharpish! Here are some of the important things to keep in mind when you are planning a retail sales and display area that will maximise visual impact and most importantly – sales! The style of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment you install will depend on climatic conditions in your area, the size of your retail space, and whether temperature control is needed to preserve the shelf life of stock. Have air conditioning equipment installed where it works most efficiently. Air conditioning experts will be able to discuss this with you during their site survey, but bear in mind that it needs to be easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance without disturbing your retail display or interrupting store operations. When choosing flooring for your store, consider the weight of retail display units and the practicalities of cleaning as well as .fort and appearance. A carpeted floor may be practical in a fashion store, for example, but ceramic or vinyl floor tiles may be a better choice for a convenience or food store where there is a risk of spillages staining carpets. Again retail design consultants will be able to give the best flooring advice you can find. Renewing the lighting in your store is an opportunity for you to have cost saving energy efficient LED lighting installed. For added flexibility, have dimmers so that you can change the atmosphere from light and bright to sultry and romantic at the twirl of a button! You may have noticed that important shop fittings like retail display units, shelving and counters have only been mentioned in passing. Choosing shop fittings is likely to be one of the most exciting of the tasks ahead of you. Visit our About the Author: 相关的主题文章: