Health Peanut bud is a food both edible and curable, because most ordinary vegetables can not directly absorb, sprout features not contact with the external world climate, soil nutrition, not need fertilizing, pesticide spraying, is the real pollution-free food. It is only using the seeds inside the stored nutrients to produce nutrients, proteins by enzymatic decomposition formation of amino acids, various substances through the decomposition form of various minerals, easily absorbed. Through biological transformation, in the suitable temperature, humidity, illumination conditions, turn into simple sugars by the polysaccharides, turn the proteins into amino acids, transformed into a variety of vitamins, so that have higher health care function! In the early 2000 years ago during the Qin and Han Dynasties, Chinese people have invented bean sprouts production method, with its unique wisdom, write a brilliant chapter for Chinese dietetic culture. Soybean by germination, the protein is converted to activated protein, comprehensive promote the nutritional value, be worthy of the name of nutritional meal, known as "vegetable meat". So turn the peanut into peanut bud, its nutritional value will have what kind of major change? Scientists have found that, peanut after germination the resveratrol content is 100 times greater than peanut, the resveratrol content higher tens to hundreds of times than wine. Its role is mainly for its antioxidant properties, and with high health care value. Resveratrol as pharmaceutical raw materials, is an important phytoalexin, inhibition of cancer cell, reduce blood fat, prevent cardiovascular diseases, antioxidant, delaying senility and other obvious role, was described as the following paclitaxel after another new green anticancer drug, was listed as the most promising drugs for preventing and treating cancer. According to resveratrol supplier, germination in addition to increase the resveratrol content in peanut, the peanut protein was hydrolyzed into amino acids, can be directly absorbed by the human body; oil is converted to heat, substantially lower fat content, people who is afraid of obese can trustingly eating that food; at the same time, all kinds of human body essential mineral composition is improved greatly, which makes the peanut bud nutrient value greater than the nutritional value of peanut. But for a long time, the peanut buds can not be accepted by the public, the main reason is that there is a common misconception among people that sprouted peanut with toxic, in fact this is no scientific basis. Peanut sprout not only can eat, but also particularly rich in nutrition. The energy, protein and crude fat content in peanut sprouts were ranked in first place of a variety of vegetables, and rich in vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals and many kinds of amino acid and trace elements the human body needs, known as longevity fruit bud. As long as no rotten peanut bud, will not produce toxic aflatoxin. Researcher points out, only those healthy and innocuous and has not budded peanut can successful germination in the artificial cultivation process, while those rotten peanut cant not germination, so artificial germination methods of cultivating peanut bud, it has played the role of natural selection, can 100% removed those rotten peanut, therefore, edible peanut bud and its products, is the most safe and healthy eating methods in a variety of eating peanut methods. Source:..cospcn.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: