Copywriting Writing a catchy copy has been made out to be a hell of a task. But trust me; once the roadblocks have been dealt with, copywriting is as easy as pie. Get a load of the following tips to know how. The first step to keeping it concise starts at shortening your sentences. So try not to exceed a maximum of 16 words per sentence. When theres two much clutter in a single sentence, try splitting it into two independent ones. Theres no harm in beginning a brand new sentence with a connector. Youre not breaking any grammatical rules here. You can try fluctuating between short and long statements to give the article a rhythm. Adopt a minimalist policy in your copywriting. Eliminate all unnecessary fluffs and puffs. Unending paragraphs are best left to novelists and the like. Three sentences are great. Four is just about at the verge of nudging your readers patience. Five is your reader clicking on the cross at the top right of your page. Try using a few Magic words in your copy like You, Free, Guarantee, Easy, Secrets, etc and soon you will be giving magicians of the world a run for their money. Try using a few Muscle words like Breakthrough, Scientific, Introducing, Revealed, etc when it is relevant to a heavy subject. However dont mistake it to be jargon and dont use jargons in your copywriting. Pose a question to the user, a question which can only be answered in a yes or a no. Frame it in a way that leaves him with little choice but to side with you. Pull in the emotional quotient; prove to the reader that you know what it feels like to be in his shoes. This helps you build a rapport with the user. As a copywriter you should be a pro at storytelling. Weave in a story that engages the user. This largely helps trigger reader response. Do not underestimate the power of a bullet. Laying your online copywriting across bullets makes it easier for the user to read through the content. Lastly, keep it simple. 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