UnCategorized Phpfox is one of the most powerful tools available in the market for any user around the globe. If you are a webmaster and you want to create a social networking website or if you are a .pany owner and you want your .pany to have a social network website through which your .pany members can stay in contact with each other then you can easily use this .munity script to develop your website. Everyone is familiar with the increase in the popularity of the social networking websiteslike facebook, myspace etc. and because of their popularity, everyday many new social websites are being developed and are be.ing more and more popular in the people as they can make a lot of profit out of it. Many people see this as a great business deal that is creating a similar website like facebook and myspace then making really huge amount of revenue from that social networking website. To be quite honest, everyone wants to have a website that has… 1. lets the members do all the creation as you just sit back, relax and earn the money off from the website. 2. lets your members spread the message and promote your web site and your product by letting them invite their friends to your website. You website will spread like a virus to every .puter. 3. The members of your website will give you succulent advertising investigations by giving you and filling out their own personal information in their profiles. The phpfox script is a very powerful tool to have if you want to develop a social networking website because it can provide you with all the functionalities of a good social networking site such as myspace and facebook. It can provide you with loads of different kinds of features such as video uploading and sharing along with many more different kinds of features. When I was collecting info about phpfox for my personal needs, I found out that many web designers thought that phpfox is sloppy, not worth it and buggy. But there was an opposite story from the internet marketers and lobbyist’s side as they wrote in their reviews that phpfox is the easiest .munity script to handle and use. Well, I took all the opinions into consideration and I’m glad that I did so because it was a good decision. If you are using phpfox then you will be able to find a lot of help from the other phpfox users as all of them are really are helpful and guide people who are new to phpfox and want to set up a .munity script. This is a really good forum to join because they help you out a lot in solving your problems and the mods post different enhancements in the .munity scripts so that you can have better features on your web site. Well if you are worried about how to install the script then you shouldn’t because it’s pretty straight forward. Here are three easy steps to get the script installed… 1.Creation of data base. 2.chmod and upload the script files 3.Go to the page that you have installed and provide your personal info i.e. you username, database name and password so that you can .plete the setup. Run it and you are done. The .munity script will do the rest. For a small fee Phpfox .pany can also install the script for you if you do not want to do it yourself. After the installation is .plete, you can start using your domain and admin panel and you can start customizing your website according to you needs and desires. They have many templates to choose from and you can install the carbon copy of facebook if you want to. Well I think that a tool like phpfox is a great tool to work with as it is very easy and powerful tool. It is really not an easy job to develop your own script for your social networking website and it would take you one year and above 5000 dollars to develop a script on your own. No one says that this software is just perfect, no software is .pletely perfect, none that I know of but phpfox is one of the biggest .panies out there and their script is very widely used by the people and most of them are satisfied. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: