UnCategorized Looking for balance in the dimensions of wellness and our modern world has put me in a pensive mood. You and I see thousands of ads every day. We all have multiple groups pulling on us, from family, spouses or significant others, our work, .munity involvement, and on it goes. Take a look at this list I discovered, and see if it helps. I find life easier when I know what to do, what is important. These dimensions of wellness help me in that quest, and can help you, too. Dimension 1: Healthy Body Health gives you a foundation, but don’t despair if you don’t feel as healthy as you’d like. .ing to terms with your health can often provide the peace you need to start healing or bring balance to the rest of your life. A couple of years ago when I had a serious health challenge, I was lucky enough to have a solid foundation in the rest of the dimensions I’ll share, and so I could focus on my health for a while. The strength from the other areas allowed me to bring it back into balance. I’ll propose just a few ideas that could help you. First, do you get the nutrition you need? Consider adding basic supplements to your day. I take a vegetable and fruit supplement, and vitamins A, D, and E. I feel good about this. According to doctors, more people lack vitamin D than any other nutrient. Best of all, you can get this one for free. Just spend some time in the sun. But not too much. Next, what kind of environment do you live in? Do you drink clean water and breath fresh, energized air? If not, your environment needs a change. Along with these, think about the bed you sleep in. It may need to be updated, after all, you probably spend one quarter to one third of your life in that bed. Likewise, if you share your bed, you may both benefit from an upgrade. Dimension 2: Healthy Mind Your mind controls how you interact with the world. You need mental wellness to participate and enjoy life. By the way, this one can elude you more than any other, because you have to use your mind to do anything. One little idea here, since I am not a mental health professional. If someone .es to you to say you have bad breath, you can assume they have a reason. Likewise, if someone has noticed a problem in how you behave or in your habits, take the hint. Spend some time in self analysis, at least, and see if you need some mental mouthwash, so to speak. It could save your life. I have to include spirit here, or soul if you prefer. Without being preachy, I spend time reviewing and pondering on the wisdom of the ages. For me, that .es from my religion. Look to yours, in whatever form you find it. Guiding principles can serve as lighthouses to keep you off the rocky shoals of life. Dimension 3: Healthy Family You can extend the dimensions of wellness to share your strength with those that mean the most to you. When I mentioned healthy body above, and your environment, you can easily extend your environment to your family and household. A few changes in air and water, for example, can help everyone in your immediate circle. Dimension 4: Healthy Society To extend healthy family, you can also make a difference in society. My initial approach to this is to improve myself and my household first. I can improve society as I improve individually, and as I share the best ideas from my life with others. For instance, this article. As I share with you, and you share with me, we both grow. Dimension 5: Healthy Finances I’m sure you can relate. Life often works better with healthy finances. Not that we all need or even want to be rich, that’s not the point. Rather, I need to live within my means and use my finances in healthy ways. I look at some countries that seem to have this figured out, like Denmark. When was the last time you heard of a depression in Denmark, or huge rates of bankruptcies? I’m sure the Danish have their problems. My point simply is that as a dimension of wellness, keeping control of your resources is a good idea. Wrap up The list above isn’t mine, but the examples are. I borrowed it from a .pany credo. The original title is 5 Pillars, I believe, and I have adapted it to my own life. Explanations I have seen of the dimensions of wellness don’t seem to cover what this one does by interlinking the individual to others. By looking at varying frames of reference, I find a more .plete view. Since all dimensions will overlap in some ways, looking at various definitions can show interactions and opportunities to improve in new ways. Use this list for your own purposes, and see if it helps you as it has me. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: