Fashion-Style Often, the word jewellery is associated with women. Yet, for hundreds of years men have donned some kind of jewellery – earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, chains, amulets, rings and further on. In historic times, jewellery worn by pharaohs and kings symbolised might and status. In the past, men’s jewellery was .mon for varied reasons. For the most part jewellery was donned for artistic reasons, nonetheless men’s jewellery also served other purposes, such as identifying their rank in society, their social status in addition to their marital status. Today some of the popular accessories available in men’s jewellery category include money clips, watches, rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and chains. Among trendy men’s jewellery products, two-tone and tri-colour rolling rings seem to be winning popularity because of their uniqueness and charm. Gold and platinum 2-tone wedding bands in addition to trinity rolling rings are remarkable to look at. These rings are available in about all prices and sizes. Various celebrated jewellery makers, including Cartier and more, are producing beautiful rolling rings for women as well as men. In men’s jewellery, rolling rings are .paratively new. These can be made in varied types of materials for instance sterling silver, stainless steel, and platinum. Furthermore, they are available in distinct styles that can be seen online. Tri-color rolling rings normally .e in 14k or 18k platinum, gold and titanium. Oftentimes, white and rose gold are also utilised to create these fair and charming rings. Moreover, due to their uniqueness and allure, diamond rolling rings appear to be getting ahead in popularity. These rings can also be utilised as pendants in chains and necklaces. Rolling sets and rolling pendants are likewise highly trendsetting all over the world and they’re created in appealing and charismatic designs and shapes. Some of the leading men’s jewellery designers include Shaun Leane, Vivienne Westwood, Chris Hawkins, Babbette Wasserman, Sarah Ho, Johnny Rocket, William Cheshire, Stephen Webster, Andrew English, Bejamin James, Sarah Jordan, Luke Rose and Monica Vinader. Recently, different multinational designer bigwigs including Hugo Boss and Links of London have launched their men’s jewellery collections resulting in huge supply of men’s jewellery in the market. Besides, online men’s jewellery market place is witnessing increase in its sales despite the global financial depression facing the world. In 2008, consumer analysts Mintek discovered that in the UK sales of fine jewellery soared up inspite of the credit crisis. Further, same year the Daily Telegraph stated, the market for precious metal jewellery was worth USD 2.5 billion the previous year. In United Kingdom, currently, Thorn Jewellery seems to be leading the top end online jewellery proposition. They perhaps offer the most in style men’s jewellery and accessories. They feature the best of British Brand Names – Stephen Webster, Vivienne Westwood, Shaun Leane and Monica Vinader. Of Late, at the year 2009 United Kingdom jewellery awards, Monica won Brand of the year award. Strengthened in 2008 through advertisements and promotion from the opening London jewellery week, the marketplace in the UK is leading the way and seems built up to grow further in the year 2009. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: