A 32 year old man looking for father refused money smashed more than and 10 cars from any district Jiulongpo District Public Security Bureau News: Jiulongpo man did not work, usually ask the parents for money. In October 9th, he again asked his father for the money being refused, the Father also advised him to find a job, which makes man angry, will be the home goods a throw, also went to the residential smashed more than and 10 cars to vent their anger. Pengmou live with their parents in Jiulongpo Xiejiawan a district, this year 32 years old, did not work, often find their parents for money. October 9th, Pengmou pocket money, and he would like to reach out to his father for money. But the father refused him, and advised him to find a job, but also idle at home is not the way. Not to say a few words, Pengmou began to get angry, will be home to be careless with pots and pans and throws it out of the window. This is not let Pengmou cool down, he finished throwing things at home, and took a pipe out of the house. A downstairs, saw many private car parked downstairs, will Pengmou to vent in a roadside car, he picked up the pipe, a roadside car front and rear windshield all broken, hood also hit around the sag, peeling paint. At this time, the security area came in and around the masses will Pengmou control and alarm to the Xiejiawan police station jiulongpo. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene. Dozens of cars parked roadside and smashed loss area, near the grass and pot, shovel, stool and other items spread all across in confusion lying on the ground. Security told the police, fortunately no people were injured, but the vehicle smashed serious losses. Due to Pengmou suspicion of affray crime, police has its criminal detention. At present, the case is under further investigation. In this, the police remind the general public, do anything should think twice before, not because of personal emotions and vent to others. In this way, not only may cause other people’s property damage, but also may pose a threat to the lives of others.相关的主题文章: