Home-and-Family The Disney Princess and Me doll collection brings your little girl’s favorite princess to life from the animated movies. These gorgeous dolls are a realistic replica from the movies. Any small princess, 6 years and older, would surely cherish one of these as her very own. Manufactured by Jakks Pacific, the materials used are of the utmost quality and each doll is branded as authentic. The dolls are 18 inches tall and are produced as 5 different princesses: – Tiana from The Princess and the Frog – Cinderella – Ariel who comes from the Little Mermaid – Belle from Beauty and the Beast – Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Each doll has its own unique accessories: – A beautiful gown for the ball – Shoes – Pair of earrings – Princess magazine – Honorary certificate exclusively for a princess – A Royal invitation The strict attention given to each detail makes these special dolls worth every penny. On each doll, the face is handcrafted and the resemblance to the original animation is amazing. High quality Macor eyes are used to imitate the eyes of humans. The skin is a porcelain finish that is matted. Kanekalon which is a hand-rooted hair, is beautiful and the quality matches that of expensive hair wigs. The dolls have a wide range of motion and flexibility, utilizing 6 different ball joints. These are placed at the neck, shoulders, waist and hips so that the dolls can be moved and posed in different positions for hours of creation as a child plays . Princess activities can last for days as children learn about the culture of real royalty, including tea parties and grand balls. Designers of the gowns have paid great attention to the details. The ball gowns are made from the finest sheer fabrics, satin, velveteen, and oranza and accented with glitter and trim work of beautiful metallics. There are more garments available for the wardrobe. You may also like the canopy bed, a tea set and a vanity set as add-ons. Every doll has a trust stamp on it’s foot that ensures authenticity. Each ball gown also has the identical stamp on the label. Buying a doll with these stamps ensures you are purchasing the real deal, not just someone else’s lame attempt at a copy. These replicas are best suited for girls that can relate to the superb craftsmanship that went into the making of each doll. If your little girl has a love for all the Disney Princesses and is passionate about her dolls, Disney Princess and Me figures would be the start of a perfect collection. This collection is a must for any serious Disney fan or collector. They are without question everything a doll with the label of princess should be! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: