A man? A NO.124 Cao Baoping Sohu 2016.7.31 director Cao Baoping, screenwriter, producer, director Cao Baoping "I said I had worked once, but I haven’t seen his movie. Later, I was back from a business trip to the studio in Xiamen, opened a huge screen, there is just a film above, called the scorching sun burning heart. The film really touched me, I think Cao Baoping director can grasp the character of these anxiety and psychological story of the dynamic, is a very sensitive, very good director. This film has invited two assistants to participate in the interaction with the studio director Cao Baoping, as his "demons" role. I believe that everyone may have a different side of their own heart, and I am especially interested in it. Today, the weather in Beijing is very good, let me think of Qinghai, think of a lot of beautiful places, the mood is very good, thank you. Cao Baoping, director, screenwriter, producer. 2001 directed the movie debut "absolute emotional. In 2004, the film "the glory of anger", won the Shanghai International Film Festival, "my favorite Asian Film Award", and was nominated for the eighth Chinese Film Media Award for best new director. In 2008 with the film "the Li mi suspicion" won the fifty-sixth San Sebastian Film Festival Award for best director, the new director unit of the twenty-seventh session of the Chinese Nominated Golden Rooster Award for best director award. 2013 directed film "Gou Shisan" won the sixty-fourth Berlin International Film Festival International Jury special mention award. Since 2015 with directed crime suspense film "sun burning heart" won the best director at the eighteenth Shanghai International Film Festival Award, the seventh session of the China Association Cup "top ten film drama" award, the thirty-third popular movie flowers best screenplay. "One person · one", the person who writes a picture is a record of people and a record of himself. Every time a brief intersection like a different scenery of travel. Long press to identify the two-dimensional code, concerned about Lv Haiqiang, one person · one相关的主题文章: