"A prince called the dog" MV pure women sing posters Sina entertainment news recently, by Corgi Prince, the strength of new Taiwan idol Zhong Jiaqi, Prince Prince Qiu, Academy Award winner Bao Xijing, Roland, mainland actor Neville [micro-blog] starring youth movie "a adorable pet dog named Prince" released the theme song "MV" new female neither friendly nor aloof, Lord Zhong Jiaqi for the first time, clear vocals, the song speaks tirelessly. The new woman first sang released the acclaimed "the Mid Autumn Festival in a prince called the dog", Zhong Jiaqi is not only the first time as a movie actress, but also for the first time to sing the theme song, this is not a small challenge for her new. Play with you play bone to play against, but the theme song "vocals" her full range can be neither friendly nor aloof, sure. At the same time, as a rare domestic PET film, released in the Mid Autumn Festival "a prince called the dog" with its humorous style and the story of the heart also won the majority of the audience’s praise, Corgi Prince is to become a new generation of "Gou Hong", has won high popularity in the network. The theme song of MV exposure film lovely Corgi favorite theme song MV exposure in the movie clips, double clip journey Corgi Prince and women grow together, Corgi Prince from dog to dog nouveau riche, also sell adorable female guardian, even to stand up in the ruins of the earthquake rescued jiaqi. And Zhong Jiaqi grew up with more love and care. The spiritual interaction between dogs and humans makes people feel warm and beautiful. (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: