A small bowl of water, 11 powerful! Too useful to share with friends! – Sohu and brine refinement for many people, the salt is used to do the usual condiments, in fact, the medical efficacy of a small bowl of brine can be extraordinary oh! Prevention and treatment of hair loss 1, the thick salt soup gently coated hair roots, about 5 minutes and then wash with water, daily morning and evening of the 1, for a period of 15 to 20 days, can prevent hair loss. 2, with half a bowl of warm water will be 100 ~ 150 grams of salt dissolved, immersed in the hair, rub a few minutes later, plus appropriate to continue after shampoo wash, and then with water two times. Every Monday, 2 ~ 3 times can be effective. Take care of the throat the winter climate is dry, is acute and chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis prone period, in the early stage of the disease can be used to cure salt soup. The method is as follows: when the throat feeling slightly unwell, salt soup for morning gargle. When the sore throat, daily with concentrated salt Decoction gargle 5 to 6 times, can play a bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect. Natural hemostasis 1, gastric bleeding. Gastric bleeding stopped after vomiting blood, body need to add a lot of saline prior to the hospital, can drink salt water 1 – 4 cup, to supplement the body of blood deficiency. 2, check the nose bleeding. Bleeding from the nose, the cotton wool soaked in brine available into the nostril, and drinking 1 cups of water, can play a hemostatic effect. 3, check small bleeding. If there is little bleeding in the oral cavity, gargle with salt water can promote blood coagulation, play a role in natural hemostasis. Note: the preparation of "salt" (salt, salt can be fine) first with boiling water, the salt melted, then add a little cold boiling water, make it become the "warm brine" can drink. Drink salt water, can play a temporary hemostatic effect. Seriously ill need to go to hospital for treatment. In addition to the night fat beauty acne patients before going to sleep with about 20 grams of salt placed in the basin of hot water to melt hot wash, can remove facial oils that make wine gradually dissipated, can also prevent carbuncular infection. Wash your face, put a small spoon of salt on the palm of the hand to add 3 – 5 drops of water, and then use your fingers to carefully mix the salt and water evenly, and then stained with salt water from the forehead to the top of the paint wipe, while the edge of the paint to do massage. A few minutes later, when the face of the dry salt was white, with warm water to wash the face, coated with moisturizing lotion or continue normal skin care steps. Go on, wash your face every morning and evening. When the hand is adhered to the toxic substance, the hand can be rubbed and rubbed with salt, and the cleaning and disinfection can be carried out. If you suffer from centipede, scorpion stings, can immediately use a spoon with fine salt hot water and apply to affected area, can reduce the pain of disinfection effect. Eat a variety of fruits, salt can be used with a little water into the salt soup, wash the skin after the skin, and then rinse with clean water, play a role in cleaning and disinfection. Anti-inflammatory dental treatment in salt containing fluorine can play the role of anti-inflammatory sterilization, to prevent tooth decay. Therefore, sooner or later with salt soup each gargle brushing 1 times, can prevent tooth decay. With fire toothache, salt soup gargle, can play the effect of reducing inflammation, relieving toothache.  相关的主题文章: