UnCategorized ABC News fabricates a report to make Joe Miller look like a loser. Yesterday, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl alleged in a now-discredited report that Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller had lost the confidence of the National Republican Senatorial .mittee and was thought to be a loser by the NRSC. However, the only big problem with that report of yellow journalism was that none of it was true at all. Clearly, ABC News just fabricated the report to misrepresent that Miller was going to lose, that Lisa Murkowski had the upper hand, and that the trailing Democrat in the race, Scott McAdams, would actually be a "threat." The anti-Miller press bias in Alaska is getting way out of control, as the liberal mainstream media’s clear anti-Tea Party bias should be seen as the motivating factor for fabricating reports about Miller’s chances of winning the Senate race. Despite the ABC News report, prominent Republicans as well as conservatives with connections came out over the course of Sunday to soundly discredit ABC News’ dishonest report. According to the NRSC Director by the name of Rob Jesmer, the smear campaign "report" was utterly "inaccurate." In a statement, Jesmer asserted that Miller still had the absolute support of the NRSC, and to back this up, he cited an Alaska-wide TV ad that focused on Miller quite prominently. Said ad is still ongoing at the present time in the Alaska TV market. Further adding to the discrediting of the phony ABC News "report" that only epitomized what yellow journalism was, the chairman of the NRSC, Senator John Cornyn from Texas, also emphatically denied that the Republican Party was quitting on Miller. In fact, he said, "We are supporting the nominee of our party," while appearing on, ironically, ABC’s "This Week" program. Meanwhile, over on Fox News Channel-the seeming only half-decent channel that you can count on anymore not to willfully mislead you-Bill Kristol was a guest on America Live, which had a special Sunday showing to take advantage of Fox News’ increased election coverage in the lead-up to Tuesday’s midterms. Kristol himself condemned the ABC News report for its yellow journalism and seemed to blast its foul use of the notorious unnamed source in the GOP to spread its falsehood. Anytime any liberal media outlet refuses to name their sources, you can suspect that they’re just making up the so-called report! Further, Kristol himself stated that he talked to the NRSC about whether they were really pulling their support of Miller, and they said they were still supporting him, which was exactly in line with Jesmer’s and Cornyn’s declarations. Nonetheless, ABC News in its stubborn, liberal zeal (which is synonymous with misinforming its audience) is still sticking to the false report at the time of this writing. It’s like they are so insanely arrogant that they don’t even care that they’ve been exposed for lying. This whole phony ABC News report .es exactly around the same time that a CBS affiliate in Alaska was guiltily caught for having its sham-reporters try to set up Miller with phony press coverage meant to discredit him. This led Sarah Palin to call them a bunch of "corrupt bastards" for their widespread misconduct of wanting to use slander to hurt GOP and Tea Party-backed candidates. Make no mistake about it: The only reason that the gross, liberal media in Alaska is mobilizing against candidates like Miller is because they actively hate his traditional and solid conservative values and principles, which the Tea Party so effortlessly epitomizes. Anyone who’s even paid attention to politics for a few seconds knows that the media is fanatically .mitted to being liberal, and, as such, they are allergic to Miller’s values of cutting deficits, shrinking government power, and empowering the private sector. This is because the media is made up of liberal ideologues who cherish big government control and power to redistribute wealth, the destruction of the American middle class, and also the erosion of personal freedoms in the country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: