Adorable baby remake of the "white lady" acting against the next Wu Lei Zifeng Zhhang [Abstract] rare to have such a not only retains the classic works of the original, and create a new place to make a remake of dazzling, and what is more, it is an actor acting bursting, and three extremely positive the drama. Small bone not only acting bursting, singing is amazing! > > > click on the video to watch the Angie Chiu version of Tencent, "The Legend Of White Snake" entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Chenan) a Tencent mentioned remake, perhaps most people’s mind will emerge out of the Department of "ruined classic" series, there are a lot of people sigh: a remake of the TV drama is difficult to go beyond the original classic. But recently there is a costume drama remake broke the law, that is, launched by the Hunan broadcast TV channel TV drama bone column "The Legend Of White Snake", by many netizens praised as "the conscience of the remake". So what does this show have? The average age of their adorable baby show Huangmei crying heart this drama is the biggest surprise than the actor is only seven or eight years old, but is such a group of 00 young stars to create a children’s version of "The Legend Of White Snake", so many adults to stand applauded, praise their acting seckill the popular fresh flowers. In the play, the actors of the feelings of the conversion and delicate expression without exaggeration, the characters of interpretation is in place. Child actors are the most touching is a crying scene, it is so many children all acting online, everyone crying people heart. Bai Suzhen learned that he drank Yellow Wine after being male, Xu Xian, scared to death, a moment of regret, anger, anxiety and other emotions welled up in my mind. The actor Bai Suzhen Tao Yixi to panic expression by heart regret, let a person feel her heart at the moment of fear. When Bai Suzhen in Xu Xian and his son’s efforts finally when this disaster delivered from oppression, the rebirth of joy not everyone can communicate well. Xu Xian’s life and emotional experience of change radically generally unbearable, his crying scene is the most, is also the biggest emotion. Look at the newborn son, thinking that he was in the pagoda’s wife, Xu Xian tears full of sorrow. The face of his son Xu Shilin hopes rescued Bai Suzhen’s request, a monk for many years Xu Xian at the moment of tears no longer hurt my heart, but has a greatly discerning and apprehending the loneliness. Xiaoqing for sister Bai Suzhen was to block the knife, Fahai injured blood, the Xiaoqing yaoyarenzhu pain expression, let a person feel she seems really pain piercing, distressed this beautiful girl. Xu Shilin is a star, but he experienced the pain of separation with parents, grew up with aunt grew up, but fortunately the child was not crooked, is a kind of know how famous for a baby, Aunt Sue let people couldn’t help but think that the true saying: look at the children! Xu Xian’s sister is a supporting role, but also acting in an unambiguous, denounced the Fahai crying scene, she will be an elder sister to brother and sister-in-law of love and hate to show the most incisive fahai. I really want to ask Mr. Pan Liping, the general director of the play.相关的主题文章: