AirPods was friends Tucao Cook: there is no line is not easy to tell me, what is the most popular mobile phone? Samsung Note7? Wrong, what is the most mobile phone? IPhone 7! Yes, iPhone 7 was released, and finally let us see the grand year: berserk, cattle fare, network queuing overnight…… Joe to help master the spirit of the deceased is estimated to have cow face. However, Apple’s other revolutionary product is not so hot, it is the new AirPods. AirPods was Tucao AirPods debut, users have said that this headset broke the traditional way of purchasing headphones, the main channel to pick up, I believe it will give birth to a series of AirPods trading site. Netizens said that in the subway, your phone has been stolen tens of meters, you still can not extricate themselves addicted to music…… Although the AirPods has not yet officially launched, but Tucao sound is constantly. Recently, Cook in an interview with good morning, said the United States, it is because there is no headphone line AirPods, it is not easy to fall off. Cook told reporters in an interview, said: I have been used for some time, because they do not have headphones, it is not easy to fall off. The reason why the headset is easy to fall, it is because the headset line will increase the weight of earplugs. Without the headphone line, I personally have never encountered the problem of headphones off". However, the comfort of the audience is clearly not buy it for a price of up to 1288 yuan a headset, lost is very upset, but lost a most disgusting.相关的主题文章: