Ali CTO Zhang Jianfeng: expounding "new Ma manufacturing", "new retail" Sina Technology News October 14th morning news, on the morning of the Yunxi conference, Alibaba chief technology officer Zhang Ma share team yesterday jiann Fong Li "five new" change the new retail, manufacturing and new technology further explained in the future, and big data and combined with the new retail, new manufacturing to share their views. Zhang Jianfeng through a golf club, for example, he believes that if we add sensors can be recorded in the club, each swing strength, consumers batting position and so on, if the information is uploaded to the factory, we can do more analysis in the cloud, to help improve their manufacturing factories; second step, after the factory got the data, can according to the customer’s order, further, the realization of intelligent products; the third step, we can make intelligent service for the consumers, to help his training and correct bad habits, improve the skills. The third step after all these implementations, it will definitely bring more intelligent service opportunities." Zhang Jianfeng says so. In addition, Zhang Jianfeng also made a further interpretation of intelligent logistics, he believes that the combination of big data and cloud computing, we will change to the world’s cognition, change our view of the world. (Zhou Xuedie) the following is Zhang Jianfeng speech: welcome you today so early in the morning to the cloud habitat town is to listen to our share, today is a very large amount of information of the day, the horse to our share of the "five new" (new retail, manufacturing, finance, new new new technologies and new resources today, I) for new retail, manufacturing, new technology to do further elaboration, yesterday we see cloud computing, big data brings us infinite imagination and space, Dr. Wang Jian also gave us the city share data brain, gives us much inspiration for the future, today I share the theme is calculated bring the infinite imagination space, so today I first want to talk about an understanding of our own the data of computational intelligence, I want to talk about the views on the future, especially A lot of data, there is a very good calculation, give us a new retail, new manufacturing combination. First of all, as we present this event into what kind of state, to which direction the future development trend, we also know from the Internet development since the world quickly from the one-dimensional plane image text, and video, fast to the three-dimensional transition, there are a lot of new technology, today’s VA AR. This is the first clear trend we see, from the two-dimensional world quickly to the world of 3D transition. Second of our interaction has changed very much, we had all the more familiar, from the beginning of the PC era, the era of mobile keyboard slowly into the US means a screen interaction. These two years, we feel the most popular is the cloud, from the keyboard to the screen of the human body, has been to the voice, to a more natural interactive development. We look back and now very much advocate the 3D world and cloud interaction,!相关的主题文章: