Fishing If you are thinking to take a little break out of your busy work schedule and rewind yourself, there would be few better places than Puerto Vallarta to do so. Often fishing is considered to be a good outdoor activity to relax and rejuvenate both your mind and soul. All season fishing option available in Puerto Vallarta attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists to this exotic location from all over the world every year. No matter what time of the year you land here, this place promises to give you a very satisfying fishing experience. Puerto Vallarta is strategically located on the Mexican Coast where one can find various exotic varieties of fishes in abundance. The lovely weather of this place clubbed with presence of various forms of water bodies (such as lakes, rivers and sea) provide excellent habitat for these sea creatures. Some rare species of fishes which could be found here are; Mahi – Mahi, red snaper, rooster tail, sail fish, Jack Crevalle, amberjack etc. Usually different varieties of fishes are found in different whether conditions. Best part of fishing in Puerto Vallarta is that there are so many different species of fishes available that no matter which month of the year you are here you are guaranteed plenty of catch. Also certain species such as Pargo, rooster fish and margo are virtually available through out the year. Fall is usually best season for .anizing deep sea fishing expeditions in Puerto Vallarta. This time around fishes are migrating towards warmer waters and hence there is abundance in availability of deep sea varieties. This place is often rated as the top deep sea fishing spot in the world. Lakes and Rivers in the region are also full of fishes and find many fishing enthusiasts glued to them all through the year. Due to presence of so many tourists in the city, the local authorities have provided good infrastructure to support fishing activities. Required fishing equipment and tour guides are also easily available at a reasonable price. We hope you visit Puerto Vallarta soon and have a wonderful fishing experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: