Arts-and-Entertainment Industry Raymond mill For gypsum, talc , calcite, limestone, marble and other minerals grinding , Raymond finished in 613 micron fineness~ 440 microns ( 0.613 mm -0.44 mm) between the analysis machine and fan interaction , can be used to satisfy different users Request . Taking into account the special needs of the user walks , Dawn Heavy Raymond very solid frame design , so additional equipment is not always move Devices only need to lay a foundation of hard and flat on the ground can be , if the fixed installation , the best hit concrete foundation . Installation, see According to installation diagram below . Steady and regular first host , and then raise funds to install fans , cyclone separator and the connection air duct . The connection method Blue asbestos rope between the need to use rubber or foam seal , and then , and then mixing white latex and talc powder into a paste , strict sealing For the job so as not to affect the production of gas leakage . Raymond mill ,In addition to the top of the sliding bearing spindle , the other transmission parts for rolling bearings , lubrication must be in good running condition Will damage the bearings and shorten the service life . Maintenance is as follows: spindle oil time once per shift , it must be noted , found that oilCup oil loss or loss is not too slow , they should immediately wash the oil Road , together with 50 # machine oil, spindle oil cup position in the top , bottom spindle Block bearings, roller shaft bearings with grease gun filling each class 3 # lithium based grease once every six months apart bearing analyzer washed once ,To add a little 3 # lithium grease, fan bearings room plus lithium grease . Raymond mill for bidden piece of metal into the machine will damage the grinding roller and grinding ring , and even center hanger and so on . Raymond mill feeding should be uniform , not erratic . Feeding too much will be blocked air duct , lower yield, easy to burn out motor, charging too little Will support production . Feed size : hard material in the diameters less than 15 mm, suitable , flexible material for 20 mm diameter , non- bulk material increases Into the machine . Raymond mill attention to detail : Air volume control : in the fan intake manifold on the air volume control valve , generally open to the maximum position , according to fineness , yield adjustments required. Exports in the exhaust pipe on the exhaust valve , transferred into the feed opening can be no dust emission . Air volume is small, thin and high . It should be noted ,Air volume is too small , the host within the trade wind tunnel below the sediment material , please adjust . Fineness adjustment : According to the material size, hardness , moisture content, the proportion of different thickness and degree of processing is different , adjustable at the top of the points Analysis devices , high speed , small and high , low speed, fine low. Improve the fineness of the output will be reduced accordingly, if it is below standard should be adjusted Test fan speed , users can flexibly. Ring roller mill scrap the limit , the minimum remaining wall thickness of not less than 10mm. When parking , stop the feed, the host continues to Japanese sample , to continue the grinding abrasive residue , about one minute , turn off the main electrical and mechanical Motivation and analyzer motors, stop the grinding work , and later stopped fan motor for blowing off the powder residue . Finally a detailed analysis of the work under the principle of industrial Raymond Mill , Raymond Mill once more users to master operation procedures and precautions. Raymond Mill work, will need to crush the material from the hopper into the machine casing on the side of adding machines, relying on the host plum hanging shelves Roller device, around the vertical axis of revolution , while its rotation , due to rotation of centrifugal force , and roller swings outward , pressed in Grinding ring , so that the blade scoop material sent between roller and grinding ring , because of the rolling roller .pacted to achieve the purpose of crushing . Winnowing process: grinding materials , the fan entered the chassis will be the wind , blowing powder , after grinding chamber placed above the sub- analyzer Election , fine through coarse grinding of materials into another room re- grinding fineness .pliant with the air flow into the cyclone collector , collected through a powder outlet Discharge , shall be finished . Airflow from the large cyclone collector back to the top of the return air duct into the fan , air duct is circular, and in the vacuum state Mobile , circulating air way the wind increased portion of the middle of the exhaust fans and the host pipe discharges into the Little Cyclone collector , for purifying Treatment . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: