Android 7.1 MIUI 9 beta version of the exposure is no exaggeration to say that millet is the foundation of the MIUI based on the latest official version of the MIUI is based on Android developed by 6.X MIUI 8. However, with the release of millet Note 2 and millet MIX, MIUI millet has also been put on the agenda of the 9. A few days ago, millet held a MIUI 9 launch ceremony, which also marks the MIUI has entered the development stage of the. Now there is a beta version of MIUI 9 screenshots online exposure. The screenshot shows that the size of the MIUI 9 upgrade package is 1.8GB, based on Android 7.1, support for multi task split screen, edge smart gestures and other functions. By supporting multi task sub screen, the edge of these two characteristics of smart gestures we can see, MIUI 9 should be for the big screen millet MIX and surface screen millet Note 2 to make a full optimization. However, due to the launching ceremony was held yesterday, so MIUI 9 may not be half a day for users. As the saying goes, do not be afraid of late dinner, want to use MIUI 9 rice and then patiently, and so on.相关的主题文章: