Apple took Mario to the cell phone who hold the thigh? Sohu science and technology iPhone 7 scheduled to meet with us, and then opened the pot. The collective voice of the parties, launched a big discussion, but the voice of criticism seems to be more. But put aside the iPhone 7 product itself does not say, when the water in the clothes of Mario appeared on the big screen, we still really a sigh. Most of it is about feelings. Although the game has been 30 years old, but until now, familiar with the music can instantly think of. Nintendo why this has almost been forgotten in the corner of the mobile phone platform to the classic game? The old apple IP to the Apple App store and Nintendo to where? Let the old IP rejuvenated seems to be such a game should not be forgotten, because most of it with 80 spent his childhood. How hot is Mario? Almost everyone knows it’s no less convincing than data. The new Nintendo game and Miyamoto Shige brought in the iPhone 7 conference called "super Mario (Super Mario Run) running", but the main elements are familiar with plumbers, familiar round gold coins, as well as the level of role. But in fact, Miyamoto Shige has said Nintendo will not develop Mobile Games, because he did not believe that Mobile Games will completely control the future of video games, but Miyamoto Shige denied the actual action, following the "Pokemon Go", and launched Mobile Games version of "super Mario (Super Mario Run)" run. No wonder Miyamoto Shige, because the mobile Internet is developing rapidly. Hand travel with the development of the mobile Internet and gradually swallowed the video games and PC games market, the game platform to become the third pole. For example, data show that hand travel in China’s digital game market share has increased from 11% in 2013 to this year’s 29%, great potential. Nintendo WiiU home platform sales slump, which has become the stumbling block of Nintendo exclusive game development. Because of the increasingly strong performance of the hardware today, the existence of independent game consoles have no meaning. At the same time, the power of capital is also urging Nintendo to do hand travel. Nintendo as of March 31, 2016 fiscal year 2015 earnings report, Nintendo’s fiscal year ended fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, fiscal year 2015 revenues of $4 billion 530 million, down by 8%. Earnings plunged 60%, only $148 million. In the case of assets, cash flow and profits are shrinking, Nintendo to live, we must make this choice. Nintendo holding more than the classic IP, the IP based development Mobile Games, obviously than the development of a new Mobile Games would be much more sensible, especially Mario such a classic IP, the transformation rate of the original user base is enough to make the game again unpopular. And Apple’s app store is also a strong attraction to Nintendo refused, because both the number of platforms or the number of users, iOS is currently the best right相关的主题文章: