Asian Pacific stock markets rose, China’s stock market surged more than 3%, the Asia Pacific stock market on Tuesday (February 16th) generally rose, China’s stock market rose more than 3%, ahead of the Asia Pacific market. Japan’s stock market rebounded slightly on Tuesday after a sharp rebound last week, while oil prices rose to a week high. Nikkei index edged up 0.2% to close at 16054.43. More than half of today’s increase comes from the Softbank group, the communications firm, which rose 15.9%, so the company said it would buy back at least 500 billion yen (4 billion 400 million dollars) or 14.2% of the stock. Topix index rose 0.4% to close at 1297.01 points. 19 of the 33 sub indices rose. JPX Nikkei 400 index rose 0.4% to 11721.81 points. Australia’s stock market rose second days on Tuesday, reaching its highest level in one week, rebounding in China and Hongkong, and rising oil prices, boosting mining and energy stocks. Australian index closed up 1.37% or 66.54 points, to 4910 points, which is also the five day high. The index rose 1.64% on Monday. In early morning, in the background of global market recovery, the two cities opened higher and higher, the stock index rose rapidly to 2%, and stood again on 2800 points, subject shares and heavyweight shares soared. Afternoon opening, the two overall remain high and volatile, prev or expanded to 3.5%, to the impact of the 2850 point mark, about 2840.62 points, while the gem rose more than 4%, network security, networking, mobile payment concept now limit the influx of. As of the close, the stock index at 2836.57 points, up 90.38 points, up 3.29%; deep index reported 10045.37 points, up 376.52 points, up 3.89 points; entrepreneurship blackboard 2201.93 points, up 85.09 points, up 4.02%. Two cities today turnover is obvious peatlands, the Shanghai stock market into 198 billion 969 million yuan, Shenzhen transactions 301 billion 370 million yuan, two cities a total turnover of 500 billion 339 million yuan, compared with the previous trading day growth of nearly 170 billion yuan, an increase of over 50%. The Hang Seng index yesterday closed up nearly 500 points this morning, then opened 95.6 points, up 0.51%, to return to 19000 points, at 19013.74 points. After the rise, the highest intraday 19260.67 points, afternoon slightly narrowed increase. At the close, the Hang Seng Index rose to 1.08%, up 203.94 points, at 19122.08 points, full day turnover of HK $71 billion 590 million. South Korea’s stock market rose more than 1% on Tuesday, as local markets continued to rise and oil prices jumped, encouraging foreign investment to return to the Korean stock market. The Korea composite stock price index (KOSPI) shares closed up 1.4% at 1888.29 points. Foreign investors bought over 95 billion 600 million won in the South Korean stock market, and sold over three trading days before the suspension. Taiwan closed up 1.8% on Tuesday. Analysts pointed out that sub stocks by the European stock market rose on the incentive, and today has a good performance. Tomorrow will be the TAIFEX settlement in the period of foreign outstanding export number still amounted to 27 thousand, a partial settlement may. Taiwan weighted stock index inflation theory

亚太股市普涨 中国股市暴涨逾3%   亚太股市周二(2月16日)普遍上涨,中国股市暴涨逾3%,领先亚太市场。   日本股市继上日大幅反弹后周二在震荡交投中小幅收升,而油价则涨至一周高位。日经指数微升0.2%,收于16054.43点。今日涨幅逾半数源于通信企业软银集团的提振,该股大涨15.9%,因此前该公司表示将回购至多5000亿日元(44亿美元)或14.2%的股票。东证股价指数涨0.4%,收于1297.01点。33个分项指数中有19个上涨。JPX日经400指数涨0.4%至11721.81点。   澳大利亚股市周二连涨第二日,触及一周最高位,中国和香港股市反弹以及油价上涨,提振矿业和能源类股。澳大利亚指数收盘上扬1.37%或66.54点,报4,910点,这也是五日高点。该指数周一上涨1.64%。   今天早盘,在全球市场回暖背景下,两市高开高走,沪指很快涨幅扩大至2%,并重新站上2800点,题材股与权重股齐飙升。午后开盘,两市总体维持高位震荡,沪指盘中涨幅扩大至3.5%,欲冲击2850点关口,高见2840.62点,而创业板大涨逾4%,网络安全、物联网、移动支付等概念现涨停潮。截至收盘:沪指报2836.57点,涨90.38点,涨3.29%;深指报10045.37点,涨376.52点,涨3.89点;创业板报2201.93点,涨85.09点,涨4.02%。两市今日成交明显放量,沪市成1989.69亿元,深市成交3013.70亿元,两市共成交5003.39亿元,较上一交易日增长近1700亿元,增量幅度超50%。恒指昨日收涨近500点,今早再高开95.6点,涨0.51%,重返19000点,报19013.74点。之后走势上扬,盘中最高见19260.67点,午后升幅稍微收窄。截至收盘,恒指涨幅为1.08%,上涨203.94点,报19122.08点,全日成交715.9亿港元。   韩国股市周二涨逾1%,因本地区市场延续涨势,且油价跳升,鼓励外资买盘重返韩股市场。韩股综合股价指数(KOSPI)收高1.4%报1888.29点。外资在韩国股市主板买超956亿韩元,中止之前连三个交易日的卖超。   台湾股市周二收盘大涨1.8%。分析师指出,亚股受到上日欧洲股市大涨的激励,今日有不错的表现。而明日台指期将结算,目前外资在台指期的未平仓口数仍达2.7万口,有偏多结算的可能。台湾加权股价指数收涨1.80%,至8212.07点。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: