At the thought of Chang Mei on chaos! Wallace Huo Hu Ge, director of micro-blog heart mispronounced words are taken as screenshots recently, "Yi biography" Wallace Huo. Hu Ge was reading, director of ridicule, according to friends broke the news, "veteran" Wallace Huo "rose in" read "Mei Changsu" is not the first time, although the old cadres have been married to Ruby Lin. But think this is how to love broken, imperceptibly will be fed a dog! Wallace Huo Hu Ge, according to friends broke the news, is shooting "such as" Yi "veteran" Wallace Huo has more than once in the studio "Mei often" instead of "Mei Changsu", so that every time Wallace Huo fluff, director Wang Jun is like second read explained: "the thought of Mei Changsu on the chaos!" Veteran Wallace Huo so concerned about Mei Changsu, do you know, Hu Ge? Wallace Huo heart Hu Ge mispronounced words netizens message said: "I know your little face director, let Mei often in a guest!" "So it’s a plum! Feed a dog." Some netizens shouted Hu Ge: "elder brother Hua you want to line!"相关的主题文章: