August: the surge in the number of research institutions full scan 70% electronics industry the most popular Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest 60 million each reporter Chen Chen in September did not usher in a good start, how to "Kim Gu" "watered down, let the hearts of many investors to one of the tight. But at the same time, some August stocks are focus of research institutions has gone against the tide hit a new high, such as cross-border restructuring of the Dragon pipe industry, double the performance of the Sunway communication and Wang Yawei awkwardness trimer environmental protection, both on Friday (September 2nd) hit a new high this year. The number of research institutions increased by 7 as the body in August in the end what the survey of listed companies? Volcanic wealth (micro signal: huoshan5188) according to the Oriental Wealth Choice data statistics found that in August, a total of 6897 institutions (including repeat) on the 398 listed companies, a total of 612 times. Among them, the number of listed companies surveyed and compared to July, although there are fewer, but smaller changes. On the contrary, compared with July, in August the number of institutions in the investigation of the change is very large, more than in July nearly 3000, an increase of over 7. As can be seen, in August the phenomenon is very prominent institutional groups. Oriental Wealth Choice data show that in August, 10 or more organizations to organize research listed companies have 176, accounting for the total number of research in August was 44.22%, while in July this figure was only $30.30%. Not only that, the number of listed companies from the number of institutions can also be investigated one or two. Data show that in July, was over hundreds of research institutions only three companies, namely Hikvision, Sanfo and originwater outdoor; and in August there were 8, respectively KELONG biology, Kymmene technology, Chinese online, Songcheng performing arts, GoerTek shares, communications, environmental trimer and Sunway seagull bathroom. However, a number of research from a single listed company, in August than in July slightly inferior. July, a single listed company was investigated in the month of 3 and more than 53 institutions, and in August only 42. In addition, the shares of the shares and the shares of the company in July were investigated 10 times in August, the highest frequency of research is MeiLing, but only 8 times. The performance of the white horse is the most popular August is a busy month, are thousands of listed companies have completed the 2016 semi annual report disclosure before the end of August, the performance of both good and bad have become the focus of attention mechanism. Volcanic wealth (micro signal: huoshan5188) statistics found that in August by the 398 listed companies in the survey, the first half of the first half of the net profit of listed companies recorded positive growth, accounting for nearly 76%. Among them, the net profit growth of more than 20% of listed companies reached 223, accounting for the total number of positive growth of 74%. In view of this, under the weak market, the performance of the white horse is one of the important indicators of institutional choice. Specifically, in the investigation by all listed companies, performance bond technology exceptionally bright. The company semi annual report shows that net profit of 610 million yuan, on相关的主题文章: