August Hunan air quality days accounted for 90% of Jishou Zhangjiajie of Chenzhou Province in August the best air pollution and no moderate weather above the average air quality days ratio of 90.1%, Jishou, Zhangjiajie and Chenzhou’s air quality in the top three South Lake, Datong Lake as a continuous section of water exceeds the standard, the Dongting Lake 19 Sections 15 to four class and the water quality of the Hunan daily news September 20th following (reporter Cao Xian     messenger   Huang Liangbin) provincial Environmental Protection Bureau today informed the province in August to the atmosphere and surface water environment quality. The monitoring results show that the province’s 14 cities city average good days proportion was 90.1%; 324 rivers into the province of monitoring and evaluation of the control section, more than three types of water quality section 320, four water section 4; water quality of centralized drinking water sources, 29 city level and above all with more than three types of water quality requirements. August sky, Yan value is still high. The province’s 14 cities in the average number of days of good urban proportion of 90.1%, up from the same flat; excessive days are mild pollution, no moderate pollution and weather. 14 cities of sulfur dioxide, PM2.5 and PM10, the monthly average concentration decreased by 25%, respectively, and 5.6%, respectively, carbon monoxide and ozone were increased in varying degrees. According to the comprehensive evaluation of urban air quality index, in August, Jishou, Zhangjiajie and Chenzhou, the top three air quality. Surface water quality, the 25 major cities and counties in the cross section, two types of water quality section of the 14, the water quality of the three types of sections of the 10, only the four types of water quality for the export of Dongting Lake. In the 21 section of lake and reservoir monitoring and evaluation in Dongjiang Reservoir 2 section to maintain a water quality; a total of 19 sections in the Dongting Lake area, four water quality accounted for 12, three and five grade were 4 and 3; 324 rivers into the province of monitoring and evaluation of the control section. The one or two and three grade were 15, 192, 113, four grade 4. The province’s 29 prefecture level cities centralized drinking water source compliance rate of 100%, of which a class of water sources in the water of the 2, the two category of the 19, the three category. For the outstanding environmental problems, the provincial environmental protection department put forward rectification suggestions. Such as Yueyang City air quality days consecutive decline in the proportion of six; Yueyang gate, South Lake and Yiyang lake, Datong Chi River, lakes and other sections after nearly 3 months of continuous water quality exceed the standard; 9 "ten water" national assessment section within 2-5 months did not reach the target requirements, including Yiyang mountain and Momodani Datong Lake section, Changde lake and Dongting Lake City Potou section, Changsha zhangshugang section and five bridge drinking water section, and Yueyang banana Lake section.相关的主题文章: