Authorities said it would adjust subsidies for new energy vehicles to break through technology departments said new energy subsidy policy will adjust the era of subsidies to technology breakthrough after each intern reporter Zhao Cheng – "I hope Chinese enterprises don’t be the electric car market last year, the explosive growth that is misleading, in strong incentive policies under the growth. Is not sustainable." August 21st, the Chinese electric vehicle hundred people, Chen Qingtai, chairman of the 2016 Chinese electric cars hundred people on the summer forum. According to the Automobile Association statistics, in 2015, the new energy vehicle production reached 340 thousand and 400, sales of 331 thousand vehicles, an increase of 3.3 times and 3.4 times respectively. At the same time, the subsidy policy of China’s new energy industry, Song Qiuling, deputy director of the Ministry of finance economic construction department at the meeting said, "China’s new energy automotive industry has entered a new stage of development, need to adjust the subsidy policy, follow up. The future, the subsidy policy will improve the technical threshold, improve the standard of subsidies, improve the regulatory system, and the establishment of market-oriented development mechanism." In fact, in recent years the rapid growth of new energy automobile production and sales, large-scale subsidies and new energy automobile enterprises difficult to continue, there is too dependent on subsidies or even cheat up phenomenon. Under this background, earlier this month, the national development and Reform Commission Office issued the "carbon quotas of new energy vehicles (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), intends to use carbon quota trading to replace the existing subsidy policy. In this regard, Chen Qingtai said, "the government subsidies into the ‘fall’ channel, the electric car price increase process, can keep up with the policy back slope process, and in the fall period gradually developed relying on the road of the market, has become the key to the success of the China electric vehicle industry." Carbon quota management should not copy it is understood that the "measures" of the United States of California zero emission vehicles (ZEV) act, and in 2017 began the trial, formally implemented in 2018, the "measures" is still in the consultation stage. "Carbon quota" refers to the carbon dioxide emission reduction quota, is the production of automobile enterprises (excluding exports) and imports of new energy vehicles in the use of the process, compared with the fuel vehicle emissions reduction of carbon dioxide. The core of the carbon quota management approach is to set the proportion of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles in the annual production and sales requirements of the automotive industry, and converted to the total amount of new energy vehicles should be paid to the carbon quota. California, the United States, the provisions of the system, the company must have a certain proportion of the sale of cars in California zero emissions and some zero emission vehicles, and the proportion has increased year by year, less than the penalty points. This effect is very good." Yang Yusheng, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, said, but the integration of the system is still limited in California. Sales of vehicles in a region as the base, and does not reflect the country’s total sales of fuel vehicles in the country should bear the responsibility of China can not be a unit in which to carry out." In fact, California produces less carbon dioxide, and the energy it generates is a clean energy source. "The consumption of pure electric vehicles will also produce carbon dioxide emissions, and the theory of large power consumption相关的主题文章: