Bank of China held an international forum on internationalization of RMB in Indonesia – China News Agency, Jakarta, September (reporter Gu Shihong) 20, Bank of China successfully held in Jakarta International Forum on RMB internationalization. From Indonesia’s central bank, the Ministry of finance, the leadership of the state-owned enterprises, 36 financial institutions, as well as representatives of the two companies in Indonesia and nearly 500 representatives of the two companies to participate in the Forum on behalf of the 100. Chinese bank Jakarta branch president Aman Chang, China mission to ASEAN Economic and Commercial Counsellor Tan Shufu and special adviser to Indonesia State Department Mr. Sahala has to Chinese enterprises and enterprises in Indonesia Indonesia speech. Aman Chang said, Chinese bank Jakarta branch complex after thirteen years of development, the key support of the State Power Corporation, the Indonesian state oil company and Garuda Indonesia energy, transportation and infrastructure industry, has become an important force that can not be Indonesia or lack of support of economic and social development. In recent years, with the "The Belt and Road" construction, more and more enterprises to the development of China indonesia. Bank of China Jakarta branch has become the "going out" Chinese enterprises to invest in Indonesia’s preferred bank partner. Tan Shufu said that in 2015 China and ASEAN cross-border RMB settlement in the use of more than 1 trillion and 400 billion yuan RMB, accounting for the global cross-border RMB settlement of eleven percent. As to promote the "The Belt and Road" an important part of the building, the RMB in the future will play a more important role in the economic and trade exchanges with ASEAN Chinese. The speakers are macroeconomic and experts from Hongkong BOC rmb. The same day, BOC Hongkong RMB business experts introduced the latest development of Chinese, economy and the internationalization of the RMB RMB financial products, the RMB clearing system, Indonesia enterprises to use the opportunity of RMB internationalization, received a warm response from delegates. (end)相关的主题文章: